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Monthly archives for November, 2005

Keep it Simple. Keep it Real.

Keep it Simple.  Keep it Real.

When using description, I had to teach myself not to overdo the details. It was a long, hard lesson, but I learned. A few simple, well descriptive words can make all the difference. Here’s an example from one of my short stories. Her Ma’man murmured of ghost summers when the heat became a living thing […]

Yay! Titles are back

Yay!  Titles are back

Seriously new in this blog world, though I’ve been commenting forever. Commenting is easy. This html can be a little tricky, but I’m getting the hang of it. Speaking of getting the hang, I’ll be adding the Write Mood with a little graphic from my online store at Cafe Press called the Write Snark. Let’s […]

Great Fantasy Music

Great Fantasy Music

Not feeling so hot today. Think my children might have brought home a nice flu bug so I’m taking it easy, drinking tea, that sort of thing. But, I’m hoping I’ll rest up and write something fantastic tonight. I seem to hit my peak at night when it comes to writing, which really bites because […]

Launch of the Write Snark

Launch of the Write Snark

Nothing like that first blog. I’ll admit, I’ve put it off. Partly out of fear that I’ll fall back on wearied cliches. Can I come up with interesting one way conversations on a consistent basis? And why would anyone be interested? heh But, I do tend to have a warped view of things. Fellow writers […]

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