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Great Fantasy Music

Not feeling so hot today. Think my children might have brought home a nice flu bug so I’m taking it easy, drinking tea, that sort of thing. But, I’m hoping I’ll rest up and write something fantastic tonight. I seem to hit my peak at night when it comes to writing, which really bites because my children are in school during the day and I have the time set aside. In fact, maybe I feel bad today because I sat up half the night thinking about a piece I’m doing set in the deep south.

I love writing in the deep south. The first story I ever published was set in New Orleans and I’ve never been there. I scarf up any book or movie I can find with the setting and when I look at a moss-draped black oak in its bayou setting, I never fail to feel a connection to the place. It’s mysterious, warm yet gothic at the same time. Oh, for beautiful, moody deep south settings, check out this woman’s work.
Jenny Ellerbe Photography

To get myself in the mood for later writing, I’ve actually turned to one of my all time favorite instrumental artists. Justin Durbin with Edgen Animations writes incredible music for film and games. Games, you ask? Oh yeah. You’d be surprised. Game music is written to create a specific emotional response. And it takes talent to do it right.

Durbin has it in spades. I usually listen to this when I’m working on fantasy or sci fi pieces, but I swear, there’s a sweet magic in this music. A friend of mine is writing the most incredible book — with charismatic, dark, angsty characters and yes, dragons — and I made her a soundtrack of Durbin’s music. She stayed up all night writing. Haunting and lovely, it’s the perfect writing music. Here, listen for yourself.http://www.edgen.com/music/

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