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Launch of the Write Snark

Nothing like that first blog. I’ll admit, I’ve put it off. Partly out of fear that I’ll fall back on wearied cliches. Can I come up with interesting one way conversations on a consistent basis? And why would anyone be interested? heh

But, I do tend to have a warped view of things. Fellow writers tell me it’s a keen eye for the absurd, so I’ll be sharing observations. Please don’t be offended. Ever. It’s just one smart-assed opinion.

I’m a writer. I skip around in different genres. Started out in romantic suspense and learned to let the characters be my guide. This has pulled me into the realms of suspense, horror and my big love… short fiction. I’ve won a lot of awards and completed six “not-so-good” novels. (Hey, I was getting the bad writing out of my system!) Published some short fiction, tons of writing articles in various newsletters and even a little poetry.

Speaking of short fiction, I have a story called Retribution coming out soon in the January 2006 issue of Surreal Magazine. Check this publication out because it’s a good one. www.surrealmag.com

In addition to writing, I love my family, books, movies and music. I’ll probably discuss a little of all, but music will take up big space. There isn’t one type of music I like and I make playlists for everything I write because nothing sets the mood as well. The playlists will always be different, maybe strange to some, but music tastes are subjective,right?

In fact, today’s is a seriously odd mix because I’m not writing and my mood is er, let’s say…different. Didn’t get much sleep because the Oklahoma wind is more fierce than normal and it moaned all night. So today, I’m working online setting up blogs and updating two of my online stores at Cafe Press. More about those another time since this first blog is freaking long! I’ll also be adding links to great blogs and sites.

Playlist today:
Teardrop from Mezzanine by Massive Attack (This entire CD is the sexiest thing. Ever. In fact, Teardrop opens the show, House, on Fox every Tuesday now. Massive Attack’s website is www.massiveattack.com)

Zerospace from Zerospace by the Kidney Thieves ( You can check out the album version of this song here. http://www.kidneythieves.com/music.html?bg=m Warning! Heavy four letter language on this one. It has a loud, industrial feel.)

Upon Still Waters from Open by the Cowboy Junkies (Because this song and this band rocks and always will. www.cowboyjunkies.com )

Beautiful Son from Tenderfoot by Without Gravity (I can’t stop listening to this CD! It’s mellow and folksy and just lovely. In fact, go here
Without Gravity – Official Site – Home
and find the video for Beautiful Son video in the left column. I hope these guys never stop making music. )

Sober from Undertow by Tool (Yeah, a complete switch from the mellow and folky songs before and after, but I like Tool. Like Maynard’s other band, A Perfect Circle, too. Guess you could say I’m a Maynard fan.)

Everyman’s Daughter from Good Dog Bad Dog by Over the Rhine (You will see this band on my playlists a lot. I have nearly everything they’ve recorded. This CD is my all time favorite. They write excellent poetry, too. Check them out www.overtherhine.com )

Somebody Hurt You from A Girl Called Eddy by a Girl Called Eddy. (Slow, mellow song with lyrics that tear you up. The whole CD is excellent. Her website is www.agirlcallededdy.com )

Psymbiology from Is by Psymbience (This is a local band that everyone should know! I’ve seen them live and it’s an experience I won’t forget. CDBaby called them a mix of Pink Floyd, Tool and Primus. Here, check them out for yourself http://www.psymbience.com/psy-is-audio.htm )

Like I said, odd mix. Not looking for a certain mood today, just listening to some songs I like. When I’m writing, we’ll have more themey stuff. Yeah, I know, themey isn’t a word. So?


  1. November 28, 2005    

    Ooo-ooo! First to post? FIRST???

    In that case, I’m glad I posted before listening to the music. (grin) Looks/sounds like you’ll have a great blog goin’, girlfriend. I wish you all the best!

  2. November 28, 2005    

    Hey, don’t be surprised about the music. Some of it is easy folk type stuff and some is head slamming industrial. I have so much music to share, it’ll always be different. Got a ton of instrumental writing stuff you’ll like…

    Thanks for being the first to comment! Your help on setting this up was priceless.–>

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