So, today I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble, writing in this cute little 1.99 notebook I’d just bought along with what looks like three really good books. I’m not reading them — I’m writing. Dreck, but writing nonetheless.

I’m drinking a Juiced Tea by Tazo. Yum.

Mind is wandering because some young guy is checking me out over the top of the half-wall. Don’t worry, he didn’t check long. Think the ponytail made him think I was younger. Cool.

The look on his face once he really saw me? Not so cool. Not that I was interested since I’m extremely happily married and he was, well, probably just out of high school. Eh, no.

So, now I’m distracted though because he actually made that disappointed face– you ladies over thirty know the one. Ouch.

So, since I fidget when I get distracted, I pull the label off my Tazo and inside I read this:

“Your appreciation of the pleasures of Tazo makes you one of the planet’s more highly evolved souls. Is that good news or what?”

I’m buying a lot of Tazo now. Yep, just for that.

Here I was already feeling highly evolved for my decision to take some time out of my afternoon to write quietly in Barnes and Noble.

Here I was feeling highly evolved for not buying the 29.99 leather bound journal and instead finding that little one with the big red sticker on it. I just needed to jot ideas, the 1.99 notebook was just right.

Here I was feeling highly evolved because I actually bought books even though I’ve been in one of those horrible reading funks.

Please someone, pull me out of this reading funk!!!

Haven’t been feeling so highly evolved lately. More like restless and brain-fried.

You know those periods of time when absolutely nothing holds your interest. The book can be over the top fantastic and you set it down or in my case lately, lose it because there is freaking too much going on.

Before you know it, you have around 37 unfinished books you’re reading and you keep them as much in sight as possible so you don’t forget, so they pile up all over the place and the place already feels messy because it’s winter break and EVERYONE is home 24/7 and even though you said quite firmly that you were writing yesterday… and then you shut the door… each person in the family wandered into the office at least three times so you gave up and tried to clean and ended up moving all those piles of unfinished books around the house…

Whoa. Take a deep breath, Rinda.

Seriously though, I hate it when I get this restless, but I know why. All you writers know why.

I haven’t had writing time to myself since before Thanksgiving!! I love the holidays but I’m seriously looking forward to January. I only have one party to throw instead of the five, yes FIVE, I took on altogether over the past couple of months. (I’m not complaining about the parties– they were all fun and I loved them– had wonderful times in fact, but I’m slightly scrambled now. )

I haven’t been able to write much and for some reason, I can’t focus on one book so yeah, today I was feeling pretty highly evolved for making the decision to take a quiet break out of the house for me. Just me.

And I was feeling highly evolved because I actually bought some books that look kick-ass enough to hold my interest.

And yeah, I was feeling pretty highly evolved for being juiced on Tazo Tea because damn, I just like the stuff. And since they so kindly pointed out how highly evolved my soul is, I’m kinda liking them right now.

So tonight, I’m nicely relaxed and working on my creepy, deep south story while groovin’ to Amethystium– fantastic writing music, btw.
:: amethystium / music Check them out!

And my company? My lovely cat, Saber.