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Mountain View and SETI

Before I got distracted again, I was pondering the answer to the great Mountain View, California debate. I have this blog and two online stores with site meters. While it’s somewhat fun to look at the sad numbers and try to come up with marketing ideas, it’s more fun to see the locations of the hits. Just what does that person in India think about the site? And are they wondering about “snark” because nearly everyone I’ve sent to my Cafe Press store has asked what a snark is.

So, back to Mountain View. Fellow bloggers have emailed to ask if I have a ton of hits from this town. Yes, I do. All three sites get multiple hits. So we looked it up and found it to be a source of some tech companies. Doesn’t answer the question. For all we know, it could be Site Meter themselves. (I’m going to feel like a real dumb ass if that’s the answer.) But, I’m thinking it may have something to do with AOL because the site meter has a “who’s on right now” section and sometims (Okay, most of the time!) I’m the only one on…

Then, as I said, I got distracted. It isnt’ hard. I get a lot of magazines because I find them to be a valuable source of character and story ideas. This time, I was reading Psychology Today when I saw an article on Jill Tarter. I remembered the name because I love the movie, Contact, and this astrophysicist was the inspiration behind the Jodi Foster role. Jill Tarter is the director of SETI, which is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. They use telescopes and computers to listen for strange radio signals in the universe.

The distraction?

SETI Home – SETI Institute is located in Mountain View, California.

Okay writers, have a go at this one. Heh heh

Today my music rotation is holiday inspired.

Christmas Songs by Anuna. This Irish band is a favorite.
Barnes & Noble.com Music – Christmas Songs — Anuna – CD

Charlie Brown Christmas. I know I’m not the only one who feels the spirit of the season with this music.
Barnes & Noble.com Music – A Charlie Brown Christmas — Vince Guaraldi – CD

Evergreen, Mandolin Music for Christmas by Butch Baldassari.
Amazon.com: Evergreen: Music

BTW, I send you to Barnes and Noble or other sites just so you can listen to samples of the music.


  1. December 7, 2005    

    Rinda – you wouldn’t believe what’s on my bedside table right now – Contact. Had no idea it was inspired by a real person (named Jill no less).

    So, what was Jill writing about?

    And thanks for the link!

  2. December 7, 2005    

    Contact was written by Carl Sagan, but they used Jill Tarter to build the Jodi Foster character. Here are a couple of great sites on her.


    I think she makes an excellent character study– so interesting.

    So, fess up… you partly watch the movie for Mathew, right? Man, he’s nice in that one.

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