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Books That Leave an Impact

This morning, I was doing my usual early morning blog roll and came across Bonnie Ferguson discussing books that have left an impact.
Bonnie Ferguson’s Blog I listed a couple in the comments section and then kept thinking about it.

I’m trying not to.

You see, I’m supposed to be working. My office door is shut. My daughter is as comfortable as I can make her in the living room where I can hear if she calls out and for some reason, I keep getting sleepy. (Possibly from dealing with a child with chicken pox?)

So every time my eyes pop open, I’m facing my keeper shelf. It’s a beautiful piece of woodwork my husband made for paperbacks. It hangs high on my office wall and all those books that have touched me in some way are on it. I can look up and see:

Taking a villain from a former book and making her a heroine? Justine Davis did it. Did it so well, she got the highest rank in Romantic Times Magazine. Ranking aside, I love this book.

Such a romantic book. Remember that whole guardian phase romances went through? This is that kind of story with a twist. The Wizard of Seattle takes on a young woman to train and well, I wouldn’t want to give anything away but it was also a new twist on the Atlantis myth. Fun and romantic.

Oh boy, fantastic high tech science fiction adventure, a female lead who can seriously kick butt and forbidden love. I’m not sure I breathed while reading this one.

In the opening scene, this hero is walking out of prison. This book is the ultimate bad boy romance and it’s just lovely.

This will forever be a favorite. Gritty and dark — yet still a romance. There are gory murder scenes, an intriguing futuristic setting and the two most well written characters ever. Eve and Roarke don’t just breathe, they step out of the book and punch your face. I’m convinced that Nora/J.D. is channeling these people.

And now for something completely different. A virgin priest wannabe hero and the snottiest, irritating heroine. Seriously, I could barely stand her in the beginning of the book. But I didn’t give up and oh, I did not regret it. This forced marriage, hateful in the beginning, turned into something so beautiful, there were times I was brought to tears. No Sweeter Heaven indeed.

I loved this book so much, I wanted to share. Loaned it out twice and didn’t get it back both times. I’ve bought it three times. Dream Man alternately made me smile and scared me to death. Creepy, creepy villain and a hero cop with a dominating personality that somehow worked for me. I think it was because he was blown over by what was happening to him, too. Poor man was completely enslaved by his reaction to the psychic heroine. That’s what originally drew me in. I’m a sucker for psychics.

This first book in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series blew me completely away. I didn’t find it until she was about five books into the series so I got to read them all together. More than once. I won’t say I’m still completely in love with the series — I still read them and will continue to do so. But nothing can ever take away from the rush of that first book.

This is fantasy at its best. These are such dark, intriguing tales of the ultimate battle of good and evil. Three men who know the truth about one innocent young girl. These weren’t released as romances, but by the time you reach the third book, Queen of Darkness, the love story is fantastic. It’s been years since I read these, but I can still remember the writing–lush and mesmerizing. Anne Bishop is a genius.

Oh, this man can write. Yes, the movie was excellent, but this book kept me up all night. The descriptions were so fluid, you could feel everything Starling felt. You know, if I remember correctly, this book kept me up many nights after reading it. Scary.

There are so many more, but this could take forever. I have just about every Koontz book alone and don’t even get me started on Stephen King. I’m one of those people who read the Stand more than once. Both versions.

I’m also getting into some new horror writers. Just bought books by Tim Lebbon and though I’m not usually a fan of zombie fiction, I enjoyed City of the Dead by Briane Keene. Talk about a fascinating premise! I also have more fantasy, like Wizard’s First Rule — a book I had a hard time getting into but ended up loving. And oh, the Last Herald Mage series by Mercedes Lackey. Bitten by Kelly Armstrong…

Okay. Must. Stop.


  1. January 27, 2006    

    LOL, Rinda }:)

    All the books you listed sound amazing! I love DREAM MAN. I used to have a copy, loaned it out, and never got it back. I must have read that one, oh, countless times. It IS so creepy and the romance is fantastic!!!

    I hope your daughter feels better soon. I had the chicken pox two years ago and it was NOT fun 🙁

  2. January 28, 2006    

    I loved Silence of the Lambs. I’ve read all three of them.

    And the Black Jewels trilogy! Oh, I was on vacation when I read the first one, and the town (my hometown) doesn’t have a book store. Seriously. Not one. I couldn’t get the others until I got back home. I made everyone around me miserable for the entire rest of the trip.

    And I love Hamilton’s early work. I still read the series (that’s the genre I write in, and I have to keep up), but I haven’t enjoyed any of them for their own sake since Obsidian Butterfly. I met LKH last year, and she was really nice. And funny. And very, very aloof.

  3. January 29, 2006    

    I still love Hamilton, it’s just the last book left so many loose threads! The plot she opened in the beginning with the two missing kids and the psycho mother was interesting and it never came about. I like a good sexy book, but I really want more Anita “plot” stuff back. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but less men. There are too many. I hope her ardeur is under control a little more in the next book. Hamilton is still a fantastic writer, tho.

    I can’t find my Black Jewel trilogy. I wrote about it because I have one of the books on my keeper shelf and now I can’t find the other two. Wanna reread them. Not many people know what I’m talking about with those– so cool! We’ll have to tell each other about good books we find since we have similar tastes. Read Lebbon yet?

    And Bonnie, Dream Man is fantastic. I have every Linda Howard book and it’s still the one I go back to the most.

  4. January 29, 2006    

    Oh, she was probably aloof because she’s had readers threatening her. I went onto her message boards and was appalled at how mean the people were.

    Yeah, I’ve been a bit disappointed in the last couple of books, but they are her books. It’s her story. I’ll still buy her work because I like her style and I still like Anita. There are a few other characters I could do without, but I’m sure they are necessary to the story in some way.

    I write in this genre myself– need to keep up, too.

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