No Patience Today.

Once a freaking ‘gain there are formatting issues. I have a great piece planned for today, but I’m not in the mood to have it come out in a big, messy jumble. Writers are funny about things like that. We have paragraph breaks for a REASON. I’ll save the cool article on losing yourself in the writing and strong image words for later when this darned thing is working again.

0 thoughts on “No Patience Today.”

  1. Is your blog doing this as well? I keep wondering if I’m somehow hitting something. But no– I just jump onto the dashboard like always. Bummer today.

    Hey, I can skip lines in here. Argh!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Blogger sucks sometimes. You’d think they’d get the hang of things by now, but… oh well. Can’t wait to read your cool article on losing yourself. I need to lose myself come to think of it…

  3. Never used it. I’ve used WP for so long, the thought of learning a new word processing program makes me break into a sweat.

    Plus, I learned a lot about Microsoft while researching my hacker book and while I have a lot of their programs (of course), I didn’t want to be completely assimilated.

    Used to make me so angry that I could convert a Word document into Word Perfect for reading, but not the other way around. My friends could never read my work without gong through a process.

    As long as I can convert to RTF, I may stay forever.

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