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I’m getting fed up with the inability to format these posts… But, I’m recovering from a migraine. Didn’t know it was a migraine. Went to the doc for other issues and he explained what was happening. This is the most ridiculously painful and debilitating thing. Ever.

I haven’t been able to stand light, food and the worst… I haven’t been able to read. So writing has been out as well. Yesterday, I stayed in bed. A five foot ten inch slug who managed not to be grouchy without her books and paper. My family felt so bad, they spoiled me a bit, made smoothies and cooked dinner.

I did try to read some last night. A post on the 23rd Mandalation reminded me of The Mayan Prophecies, a book I read years ago. So, I pulled it back out. I’d forgotten that it had passages about Edgar Cayce as well. Talk about coincidence here– I’ve been rereading There is a River about Edgar Cayce. Interesting stuff– upsetting in places, but still a curious story.

I took the pain medication before bed because it was supposed to make me sleepy but it did just the opposite so I ended up watching this Canadian flick, White Skin, French with subtitles– not too smart for a migraine sufferer — but I got hooked. Don’t know why since it wasn’t particularly fantastic, but something kept me watching– I think without pain, I might have been able to pay attention better. I liked the idea of a new race of humans. Kind of like Tim Lebbon’s Berserk– which I’ve written about here The Write Snark: Good Book, Good Music and A New Niece! .

So, who knew a headache could last more than a week? This happened about five years ago– I remember because I went in for an MRI. Seriously, this kind of head pain makes you think something is out of whack. (grin) I wish they’d told me then it was a migraine.

For comfort today, I’m listening to the lovely and oh-so-elegant Nina Simone. Her ability to go from heartbreak to harsh, her pain over dealing with racism… with hate… it’s in her voice and songs. Her pain breaks my heart, but her music makes it sing. Amazon.com: Anthology: Music: Nina Simone


  1. March 19, 2006    

    Nina Simone is great!

    Hope you’re feeling better. I missed seeing you yesterday!

  2. March 19, 2006    

    I’m a Nina gal too.

    Lilac Wine….yummy.

    I hope you are feeling better soon also. Migraines suck. I had one earlier today while I was trying to read, and all I could see was patches of text with blank, white dots in the middle, framed by lovely rainbow prisms.

    I took an Excerdrin and ate a Twinkie.

  3. March 19, 2006    

    Has the Doc given you any idea what brought them on? Is this related to the stomach problem at all? Is this temporary because of something else, or have you started having regular migraines now?

    This sucks. We gotta get you well.

  4. March 19, 2006    


  5. March 20, 2006    

    Geez, get better soon. I had a roommate who suffered migraines, so the two things I know about them are that they hurt and they’re debilitating.

    And, Nina Simone is good for a lot of what ails just about anybody. Lady Day is equally theraputic.

  6. March 20, 2006    

    Don’t know what’s up, Betty. But I’m having some tests done this week and I’ll get back to you. Doc thinks the migraine was entirely separate from the other crap– brought on by allergies. I’ve never been an allergy sufferer but apparently, you can develop them any time. Fun.

    I’m good to go today. Cleaning then catching up on Net stuff later today. My office looks like a cyclone hit it. I never stay down long– don’t let myself stay down.

    I think Nina has healing powers in that voice of hers. 🙂

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