Nuclear Medicine and New Designs

Changed some posts and ended up mixing them up a bit. Oops. But I’m back. Not feeling so well again today, so I don’t have any real snark to share. But this time, it’s from a medical test. Think we’ve narrowed it down. Yay!!

But this one is kicking my butt– I don’t know what they injected into my bloodstream this morning but it made me so freaking ill. I’m still fealing it. It’s nuclear poison I tell you. But, since we may have the answer and a solution, I suspect I will very soon be back to fullspeed snark! So watch out!

I’ve also been doing some heavy redesigning on The Write Snark : and Twisted Fanatics : These stores will be changing quite a bit over the next two weeks. I’m adding high color, BETTER designs. I’m also thinking of putting “words only” t-shirts in their own section. Right now, there is too much on those main pages.

I have this image of people following the ads and grabbing hunks of hair on their heads, yelling, “Too many choices! Too many choices!”

Do me a favor, if anyone orders and has trouble with a particular style of shirt or item, please let me know. You can email through my bio. I can’t buy all the products , so I have no way of knowing if there is a problem. I’d like to stay away from the items that aren’t the best quality. The shirt that I’m finding to be the best quality is the junior baby doll but it runs so small! I’ve put in a request for larger sizes. I prefer a t-shirt that comes out of the dryer without having to be ironed. Got a wrinkle phobia….

So today, I’ll share a few of the new high color designs. This first one I’m doing on shirts, journals, etc… I really like it. There are links on the pictures if you want to see more. Some of the new high color mugs are in individual sections, but I put a bunch on this one page, too.

My Fantasy is Urban.

The Right Words Journal It’s too early for angst mug.

I agreed to be on Dana’s Blog Panel in June so I’ve ordered several of these new high colored mugs to give out in a drawing. (If it’s cool with Dana since she’s running the show. ) They will be 1 Urban Fantasy mug, 1 My heroine isn’t the only one who kicks ass mug, 1 I solve mysteries over coffee mug. This is subject to change when I see the full designs in person. But…

I will be drinking from this one. (g)

Love my blog.

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  1. I think the mugs are a great idea for our June meeting! Thanks!

    I have to say, the baby doll t-shirt is great. I’ve ordered one and can’t wear it enough. (our washer is broken, and yes, I’m hand washing it… AFTER I’ve machine washed and dried)

    If you haven’t ordered some of Rhinda’s stuff, please do. It rocks and makes people do a double take on you.

  2. No it’s not. I’ve seen your picture. You’re beautiful!

    I think I might go through and put my findings in the product descriptions. I bought a small in the green t-shirt thinking it was a man’s small and it’s not. It fit perfectly new then shrunk a bit much after washing. But then, I bought a large in the sweatshirts thinking they would run small and shrink like the shirts and no– they are freaking huge!

    I want to figure out which shirts run most true to size and then I will only carry those.

    I really hate it when someone is disappointed enough to return something. But, it makes me work harder and that’s good.

    I feel much better, everyone! I just had this horrible stuff sent into my bloodstream to make my gall bladder sick and it worked. I promise, I will quit bringing up the health stuff. (g)

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