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The Cat is Gonna Get It

Thanks for sticking around this week. I usually update more than twice a week as you all know, but things are crazy around here. I ended up caving in and I’m doing Easter here Sunday. Since I’ve been writing (yay!), my house is the pits so I should stay home and clean today, but I want to go see the private investigating husband and wife team we have speaking at OKRWA today.

My good bud, Terri, who writes fantastic erotic novels for Liquid Silver as Keira Ramsey and who is also awaiting exciting news on her suspense novels with a NY publisher… is zooming by here to pick me up early so we can catch up over lunch. She is also one of the only women I know taller than myself. (Small bit of irony–yeah, I know I’m stretching with the recent 23rd Mandalation post, but I got nothing today.)

You see, I’m exhausted because this strictly indoor guy…

Decided to escape yesterday. My children and I went all over the place last night calling for him. My daughter cried– he is her favorite photography subject. This morning, he was waiting by the door, the shit.

They say cats will stop trying to go outside after a certain amount of time. Not this one. Here’s his usual perch. If that had been left open, he would have liquefied to fit. I just know it.

I want to let him be outdoor as well as indoor. If he’s this happy to be outside, keeping him imprisoned is just wrong. We do however, have this insane dark road behind the trees on our land and people drive like maniacs. There is a dead animal out there at least every other day– think Pet Sematary road without the big trucks… And oh, I have this strange graveyard… I wonder…

Anyway, we also have this gang of wild turkeys. I’m serious. They walk about bobbing their heads to some cool, funky beat as if they own the entire area. There are like fourteen of them and they’re huge! Saber would make an excellent kitty torture victim for them.

We have this hawk pair that nest in our backyard. Talk about beautiful and amazing, but I’ve seen them swoop down and pick up small animals. My cat is pretty big, but these things could possibly pick up a turkey.

And I don’t know what left the perfectly picked clean rabbit carcass back there… It’s hard to believe I live just a mile or two outside of town.

Our vet says he’ll live longer if he’s indoor only. But I wonder if he’ll be happy.

Right now, I don’t care. I just want to wring his neck for making me chatter “kitty, kitty” last night with a stupid flashlight while bobbing through trees and trying to be noisy enough to scare that stupid, huge copperhead that got away recently…


  1. April 15, 2006    

    COPPERHEAD?! *gulp*

    LOL at the ‘kitty, kitty’ in the dark, though. Sowwy. Saber sounds like a great pet – lots of character. And I loved your descriptions in this blog. (sigh) Miss you. Some day when you have no meetings, no dinners to fix, no inclination to castigate yourself in front of the computer, we must get together with CJ.

    We had a cat, by the way, when we were in Stillwater who would crouch in the field across from our house, pretending to be dead just so he could lure birds. Saw him snag a rabbit one day and carry it off. Catnip was like half bobcat, though. We’d call him, and he’d look at us as if “kitty, kitty, my ass”.

  2. April 15, 2006    

    Hey mom I got a blog so I can display my pictures. Yay. I love you.

    Your daughter alex

  3. April 15, 2006    

    I’m glad the cat is okay 🙂 (((Rinda))) on the angst he put you and your children through.

  4. April 16, 2006    

    Interesting Title to your blog there sweetie.

    The cat is fine. He’s a butthead, but fine. I do wish my husband would quit laughing now.

  5. April 16, 2006    

    Had the same problem with my cat so I tied a long piece of string (yes I said string) to the cats collar and tied the other one to the back porch. I put her out for an hour or two a day. Pain in the rear but it has stopped that running for the door everytime she hears it open. Still runs for the icebox every time she hears it open though Hmmm. I think my fat cat needs to go on a diet. ha!

  6. April 16, 2006    

    Is your husband laughing because of the title of Alex’s blog, or because of the cat?

    Glad you decided to join us at the meeting yesterday instead of cleaning. Who needs a clean house anyway? You just have to do it again next year!


  7. April 18, 2006    

    He was laughing over the cat.

    Lyn! You crack me up. Miss you, too. I went to CJ’s last week and told her to get the place ready for us. We need a ladies movie and margarita night!

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