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Monthly archives for June, 2006

Tooth Goo, Sloppy Metaphors and Great...

Tooth Goo, Sloppy Metaphors and Great Photographers

I checked with my dentist about getting my daughter’s teeth whitened. She just got her braces off and they look so nice and straight, but they could use a bit of shine. 300 dollars for them to make a tray and give us the bleaching agent to wear at night. I’ve heard the liquid isn’t […]

Random Thoughts on Snark

Random Thoughts on Snark

You know, I’m not sure I should use the title of this blog. My store is called the Write Snark for obvious reasons– mouthy things for writers. Started it because I like wearing this stuff myself. It’s good not to spend time worrying what you’re gonna wear. That way, you can just jump right into […]

One Writer’s Day

One Writer’s Day

Do you ever have a difficult time sliding back into reality after a long bout of writing? I always feel a bit disjointed, wandering around the house blinking and reacquainting myself with the world I’ve made for myself. Sometimes, I’ll be writing and notice the foot is wiggling and certain areas of my body have […]

Such Romantics

Such Romantics

The husband surprised us with an evening at the lake. We picked up dinner then desperately tried to hold onto it and eat as the wind tried to ruin everything. This is a beautiful lake in OKC. No swimming, but it’s fun to go out in the evening and watch the sailboats. There are wide […]

Clowns Will Eat Me!

Clowns Will Eat Me!

I bought one of my sisters this shirt for Christmas. You can find it here. Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me – T-Shirts, License Plate Frames, Stickers and I found it highly amusing that people had devoted an entire website to the fear of clowns, but then I remembered that scene in Poltergeist. Even though […]

Swimming Through the Fog of Principat...

Swimming Through the Fog of Principato

I’m working today. I actually have the house to myself which is so unusual, I’m fighting shock. I thought about running around singing loud to music, but no. It’s raining, the sound lovely and soothing. I am taking this time for myself and my work today. (I’m also extremely happy because the rain means less […]

They Lie! They Lie!

They Lie!  They Lie!

I’m trying to go wireless. Bought a router. Bought a USB wireless adapter. Loaded the software. The router works. Yay! The laptop is not stepping up to the plate. I work on it for nearly two hours before calling the 24 hour tech number. I know better but it’s been a really, really bad day […]

Scene From a Pic–Snarky Reader ...

Scene From a Pic–Snarky Reader Style

Time to post the results from the last one. For those new to the Snark, every nine or ten days I post a picture and let the readers post about it. Whatever comes to mind. A sentence, a scene, a plot… anything goes. This is a fabulous activity for writers to help jump start their […]

Stupid Fireworks…Or People

Stupid Fireworks…Or People

So, last night my sisters and their families came over. We were having a nice barbecue. I have this thick layer of trees and tall brush around my property for the wildness of it–which I love, but also for privacy. But we can still see bits of a car when it passes. Some idiot threw […]

Biblioscopes, Small Rant, Great Autho...

Biblioscopes, Small Rant, Great Authors and Father’s Day

A new blogging friend of mine, Suki, posts these wonderfully fun things called Biblioscopes on the 23rd Mandalation . She picks a book and chooses passages to represent signs. You guys should check them out. Look what mine said this month. The part in italics is the part of the book she landed on for […]

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