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Biblioscopes, Small Rant, Great Authors and Father’s Day

A new blogging friend of mine, Suki, posts these wonderfully fun things called Biblioscopes on the 23rd Mandalation . She picks a book and chooses passages to represent signs. You guys should check them out. Look what mine said this month. The part in italics is the part of the book she landed on for Aries.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)
But he understands, and I know Sanchez does, too, that if we could somehow get the Turks in, it would actually worsen security.
Do not ask for help on your projects–your “help” may make things worse.

Hmmm… I’ve been kicking the idea around of getting into a new critique group. Not leaving my old one, but also meeting with a group that meets once a week, or better yet, works through email. I need a constant fire under my butt right now. Still mulling the idea. The biblioscope does make me wonder… (g)

My family wears me out. I probably shouldn’t vent here, but this will give you an idea of why. It’s father’s day and I made plans to have an easy gathering here because some people wanted to get together, but they couldn’t decide on where. We had talked about going to the lake with friends, but nothing was ever planned seriously and I didn’t know what was up with that. I’ve been gone so I asked my husband to find out about those plans. (I was speaking on a fun panel and will get to that.) Anyway, to make a seriously long and twisted story short, my parents made plans and since they already had something set up and I already had something set up, I just said cool, we’ll just go ahead with our plans… no big deal.

Nothing is ever a “no big deal” with this family. I’m getting calls and hearing rumblings of drama and even being accused of thinking things I don’t. I’m also worried we upset our friends because of that misunderstanding.

I woke up feeling pretty good and now I’m all twisted up. A doctor once told me that illness wasn’t going to kill me, my family would. I love them, but someone needs to introduce them to chill pills.

So on to happier news. I spoke on a panel with four lovely ladies yesterday. Here’s the pic I stole from Rachel’s blog. (My hat said, Love my blog.)

Me, Gena Showalter ,Dana Pollard and Rachel Vincent. The hat in the chair represents Jill Monroe who couldn’t make it.

Okay, I need to say I’m not usually this tan. Don’t have the patience for it. But I’ve been taking my work outside and got lost in it a few times. Uh, too much apparently, because that’s freaky dark. Eck. Plus, the lights were out and I think I got less of the flash… Man, I hope so.

The meeting was a blast as usual. The mall’s power was out and we conducted the meeting on emergency lighting. Then the lights went out completely and one of the author’s whipped a flashlight from her purse and we just went on as if nothing had happened. We were in the middle of an author’s shining moment. Cindy MaroltCyn Marolt Fiction Author has picked up a dream of an agent and had some fantastic news. I won’t go into details because she might want to do that herself. But check her out! I expect to hear great things in her future! Anyway, she was right in the middle and the lights went out and we just went on. The security guards came in and chuckled, shaking their heads. Someone yelled out, “We’re romance writers. We like the dark.”

Yeah, we do.

I think the panel was a success because already, one of our authors went home and started her own. Check it out! merlinelovelace.com Click on blog at the top. Merline Lovelace is something else. Seriously. Click on the page that shows her books. Be patient while it loads. There are so many!!!!

So, I hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day. I’d like to say here that I hope my husband’s day picks up because he is a wonderful, wonderful father and deserves all the best. Love you, babe.


  1. June 18, 2006    

    My husband has to work today.

    But at least they have central AC. That should be nice since it is in the nineties.

    I was able to snag ONE small window unit this morning. The downstairs is cooler, but not super cool. Upstairs is icky.

    Hope your day gets happier!

  2. June 18, 2006    

    It has. I quit answering the phone. (g)

  3. June 18, 2006    

    OSM works today, too. You’re not too dark. If it weren’t for bronzing powder and tan from lotion, I’d look like an albino. (msp)

    I had fun yesterday! Our panel rocked!

  4. June 18, 2006    

    I resent that albino remark. Unfortunately, I also resemble it. Seriously. I have a birthmark on my leg, which is actually a little patch of skin with no pigment. At all.

    It glows bright pink when I get some sun. Which is never.

    Was that too much information?

    I had fun with you ladies yesterday! And we missed you, Heather.

  5. June 18, 2006    

    You weren’t too dark. I was seriously thinking I didn’t want to stand too close to you or it would be more obvious just how pasty my skin really is this summer.

    I feel your pain about your family and I love the comment the doctor made about family killing you. We love ’em but they can be trying some times.

  6. June 19, 2006    

    (yes, Rinda, I’m back… again hehe)

    You pick your friends, but you’re stuck with family.

    What is up with word verification today? himwlvik

    Him with love? Ick.

  7. June 19, 2006    


    I’m positive you are AT LEAST a shade darker than me. And you have those beautiful freckles that add a splash of color.

    You are beautiful.

    And Thanks for missing me. 😉

    All four of you look fantastic in the photo. I’m printing it and framing it for my desk. 🙂

  8. June 19, 2006    

    Him wolvick. (G)

    I probably shouldn’t vent about my family. I wish I didn’t have this heavy feeling of obligation to make them all happy.

    It’s impossible. I’m kind of surprised none are actors because we are the most exhausting, dramatic group!

    A get-together with my husband’s family is just that. If you can make it good, if not, okay. Bring food, hang out, talk a bit. With mine there is big drama.

  9. June 19, 2006    

    Did someone say drama? You mean you can’t make every member of your family happy? Cheerfully fit in with their plans even if they mess up yours … meet each and every expectation no matter how extreme … be the constant peacemaker between people who thrive on conflict … satisfy those who won’t be happy no matter how many cartwheels you do … insure that all members feel validated and appreciated while your opinions are belittled … walk on eggshells and not crack them?

    I’ve always been an observer. That’s my comfort zone. And I see the pain my family bring on themselves by expecting others to make them happy. There was a time when I allowed them to pull me into the game even though I never quite got the rules.

    I found out yesterday from my sister that I have disappointed someone. I’m okay with that. Not happy about it, because I never intend to disappoint someone that I love, but I’m okay with it. Could I change my plans to appease them? Yes. Am I going to? No. I have to do what’s best for me and for my husband. Long story.

    All you can do is be true to yourself. That sounds so trite, but you can’t live to make others happy. Because if they haven’t figured out what makes them happy, then you’re wasting your valuable time and energy. You’re responsible for you. You have children who need their mama happy and healthy and a husband who loves you. You have friends who think you’re incredible, who you inspire to better themselves. Focus on those things.

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