So, last night my sisters and their families came over. We were having a nice barbecue. I have this thick layer of trees and tall brush around my property for the wildness of it–which I love, but also for privacy. But we can still see bits of a car when it passes.

Some idiot threw a firework out of their car last night.

Can you guess what happened?

It is too freaking dry for fireworks this year people!!!

So, we all jump into action. The men grab the hoses. We just installed a spigot on the back of our property and I have never been so thankful. They are hooking hoses together to feed them through the barbed wire fence and across the road.

I took off across the grass then remembered the huge copperheads that nestle in the thick layers of leaves back there. Went back and got shoes, realized I can’t do barbed wire in a long, summer skirt, so I take off to run all the way around. We have big properties here and I just had to go around one house, but you should see the house.

People have stopped to call 911, but the fire jumps into horrifying action. The land across the street is all tall grass and thick, old trees. It’s completely wild and we desperately want to keep it that way because it’s beautiful and so many deer live in there.

The house that this fire could hit is empty. The people are on vacation, but their neighbors have already grabbed people to help. My husband and two brothers-in-law get the fire out.

The embers took the longest. You can’t see them until this little stream of smoke pops up. The firemen arrive and sweep the area with their much better equipment. They say thanks, but they aren’t very polite. It is Father’s Day after all and we don’t live far from a huge fireworks outlet so I bet they were busy. I really hope they don’t think we did it.

The policeman says it should be illegal to do fireworks even outside the city limits this year.

I agree.

And get this, people in my neighborhood were still setting off fireworks into the night. I was a nervous wreck. I went down there thinking it was kids and it wasn’t, so I left them alone.

We turned on our sprinkler system and just let it run.

After the months of hot, dry weather. Barely any rain. After the months and months of constant, terrifying grass fires……

I don’t get people. I don’t.

Oh, sorry for editing yet again, but I have to add this. My nine year-old son, without being asked, ran for the fire extinguisher first. I’m so proud of him!