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Swimming Through the Fog of Principato

I’m working today. I actually have the house to myself which is so unusual, I’m fighting shock. I thought about running around singing loud to music, but no. It’s raining, the sound lovely and soothing. I am taking this time for myself and my work today. (I’m also extremely happy because the rain means less chance of my grass getting caught on fire again from some brain-dead Yoohaa throwing out firecrackers. )

My cat is curled in the orange antique chair in the corner of my office. He loves me again. Gena and I were emailing this morning when I looked over to find him soaked and screaming in my office window. Oops. Forgot to let him in. Cats can scream loud, did you know that? (g)

I’m working on a piece for 23rd Mandalation as well as a really cool piece on strong heroines with guns for this blog. I’m also finishing up a couple of writing articles. And I’m not leaving this office until the next chapter is completed on my WIP, Dweller on the Threshold. That book has been stopped in the same spot for too long. I’m working through it no matter what.

I’m currently brainstorming with two author friends and I absolutely love doing this. Helping someone figure out their plot always gives ideas for myself as well. Remember that saying about not waiting for inspiration? Actually there are a bunch and I can’t find the one I want. This one is about scientists not waiting for answers, but finding them while they’re working. If someone has that quote, pass it along please. I’d like to put in somewhere here permanently.

But I’ll share a little something I said to a good friend of mine Wednesday. We met for lunch at Olive Garden, shared half a bottle of wine– the Parmesan Crusted Tilapia is fantastic– then went to work all afternoon at Barnes and Noble. We plotted her unbelievably good futuristic idea and at one point, we’d plotted so hard, she rubbed her eyes and asked me to give her a second. She was swimming through the fog of Principato, she said. LOL! I told her I was stealing that for a blog title. (I really wish that Rosato was available outside Olive Garden!) She was worrying that she couldn’t do justice to such a story.

Man, how many of us do this?

We come up with a wonderful idea then worry we won’t be good enough. Believe me, this writer is good enough. One of the best I’ve ever read. Like me, she just lacks confidence in the writing department.

But I told her that this incredible story will never be told unless she writes it. It’s such a good idea, it deserves to be out there. She has no choice.

Do me a favor and repeat this to yourself every time this worry creeps through your head.

This story will not be told unless I tell it.

And for Store news, as you know, this blog goes along with the Write Snark store and I thought I’d share the word that Cafe Press is having a huge summer sale until June 30th. Here are some examples:

(You’d make an excellent villain in my book.) I had already marked a bunch of these down for my summer sale, but CP is offering another 3 dollars off! 13.99 for all the designs in the summer sale section. Women’s Summer Tank Sale! : The Write Snark : CafePress.com

They’ve taken off another 2 dollars on the regular sized mugs. 11.99 right now. High Color Snarky Mugs : The Write Snark : CafePress.com

Blogger isn’t letting me load the other pics, but the men’s tanks have been marked off 3 dollars as well. I have a bunch I’d already marked down in the summer sale section of the store, so they’re 13.99 right now. And for the Guys! : The Write Snark : CafePress.com

They also have the green t-shirts and the trucker hats on sale. I’m not as fond of those hats as I am the other two styles of hat, so I only have a few designs on those in the all caps section.

CP is also offering new, lower shipping rates. Lots of fun news happening at the store.

So I’m off to work with one final request.

Everyone send poor Dana Pollard virtual hugs. She has to send her computer off for two weeks to get repaired and she’s very unhappy about it . Hugs, Dana. I hope they get it done faster!


  1. June 23, 2006    

    Oh, but what a glorious fog it is.

    And I absolutely love the The Olive Garden. Poo poo on anyone who says it isn’t real Italian food.

  2. June 24, 2006    

    Chicken Marsala is my favorite dish. I prepared this once, attempting a sauce that at least reminded me of OG’s Chicken Marsala. I bought a bottle of Marsala from an incredible grocery store in Wichita Falls …we have no incredible grocery stores in Lawton … but I’m wondering if a wine bought from a real wine store would be better. I also use Marsala for Tiramisu, my son’s favorite cake, so I’d happily pay more if I knew there was a difference.

  3. June 24, 2006    

    I don’t care if it’s Italian food or not, I love the food there.

    I have the reciped for their Tuscan soup and make it all the time.

    Yum, Chicken Marsala. You could find a relatively inexpensive subsitute or even a Marsala itself at a wine shop. I’ve even cut the salt and used Marsala cooking wine before— not that good, tho.

  4. June 24, 2006    

    Hope you got some good work done.

    I think I might tape that line to my desk. “This story will not be told unless I tell it.” It’ll go right next to the Vonnegut quote: “When I sit down to write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.”

  5. June 24, 2006    

    I love that Vonnegut quote! It’s so fitting! Half the time I sit here and ask myself why I do this to myself.

    That quote of mine is going on a shirt. It’s so simple and I use it a lot on this particular friend. She’s something else — able to wring a mood with concise, well chosen words. It’s just that finishing thing with her.

  6. June 24, 2006    

    I’m constantly telling myself that my ideas or my writing quality are not good enough. Will someone just kick me! (Or maybe a little bit of that wine…)

    *Every time I get ready to post a comment, the first thing I see is a line that says “Choose an identity”. My immediate impulse is to type something bizzare. Ptomaine Tilly. BedHopping Bertha. Lilly the Lush. Hmmmm. Is it just me?

  7. June 25, 2006    

    ooh – ENJOY! I love brainstorming sessions, good meals with friends discussing writing *sigh* and those moments when everything clicks. Here’s wishing many clicks for you. *grin*

    I just watched “Sideways” for the umpteenth time, pondered wine and wisdom, got some good down time then went back to the computer.

  8. June 26, 2006    

    Did you find much wisdom in Sideways? Everyone thought I’d love it because I love wine, but I didn’t like the characters much. The second the one stole from hid Mama was it for me.

    You are so going to have to make a wine, fake Italian food and plotting session with Chris and I. You’d be more than welcome!

  9. June 26, 2006    

    Translation: His Mama.

    Hid Mama sounds scary…

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