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Tooth Goo, Sloppy Metaphors and Great Photographers

I checked with my dentist about getting my daughter’s teeth whitened. She just got her braces off and they look so nice and straight, but they could use a bit of shine. 300 dollars for them to make a tray and give us the bleaching agent to wear at night. I’ve heard the liquid isn’t all that different from what you buy in the store, so we’re going to try it first. Well, I’m trying it out first. If it makes me sick… you get my drift.

So, I’m sitting here with these… things across the bottom and tops of my teeth.

I’m not enjoying this.

Won’t go into details, but we are not meant to sit for half an hour with things that turn slowly to goo in our mouths. It is the second day though and I’m not sick. Just annoyed. My daughter will do fine… but we’re still waiting until the whole 14 day treatment is over to see if it works. I’m going to be torked if I’ve wasted 420 minutes of my life dealing with this slimy, enzyme attracting crud! These coffee stained teeth better sparkle.

I have my rewrites of Valen Greer ready to go when the magazine opens for submissions tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. I also stayed awake in bed forever last night trying to figure out why this particular part of my book isn’t working. Get this, the solution is to add one line back in the second chapter. Someone shoot me.

I was tired yesterday. You can always tell I haven’t been sleeping when I start worrying over silly things like blog name changes. I need a mind switch so I can turn that puppy off when I need rest. You see, I’m on a bad schedule. Awake until two or three and sleeping late. This used to be my normal schedule, but I’m getting older and all that. Changes have to be made in order for things to work properly during daylight, etc… heh heh

Problem is, the old mind sinks into these routines with the speed of a fishing weight in water. (Ew. Sloppy metaphor.) But even if I do go to bed at a decent time–which translates to 12, I’m still staring at the ceiling fan some two hours later.

So, I slept late again today to make up for it and since I need to get busy working, I’ll leave you with a couple of photographers to check out. I used to feature an artist, photographer or musician here on the Snark at least once a week. I have such varied interests in so many things. But I do love art and music and it’s time I shared a bit more of my more entertaining side.

As most of you know, I often write from portraits or photographs. Quite a few of the stories I’ve written that have won awards came from this artist The Write Snark: Milton Rogovin .

These two photographers are quite different from Mr. Rogovin, but it’s easy to find beauty just about anywhere if you really look. (If nudity–though tasteful — bothers you, don’t follow the links.) Still, it’s not hard to find beauty with this first one. These photographs are not only visually stunning, but they have such texture– you can almost feel the rough surface of the stone, or the silk of a woman’s long, red hair. The site is in Russian, so if you don’t read it, do what I do and just click around to see the different galleries. This image begs for a story, does it not?

Ira Bordo

The other artist is Christopher Gilbert. As with Ira Bordo, it was hard to pick just one image. I love the bathtub arms and the woman in blue. The women as cats are interesting (Rachel–check those out ) but this first one does tend to grab the imagination…

Christopher Gilbert

And today, I’m listening to Ane Brun. Ane Brun Take a minute, click on music, then audio clips, then the small arrow for the jukebox. Pick the song, To Let Myself go. Then listen to the first one Are They Saying Goodbye. You won’t regret it. She has a lovely voice.


  1. June 30, 2006    

    The pictures, especially the first, were mesmerizing.

    And, in the Land of Petty, I have actually purchased bleaching trays for @300.00 which one wears all night. They whitened my once-already-white teeth quite nicely. They were not uncomfortable to wear. The only drawbacks, besides the price, were that they make your teeth and gums quite sensitive. And, once you resume your normal consumption of coffee, need to be used again in 5 months.
    However, I am just vain enough that I think it’s all worth it.

  2. June 30, 2006    

    Oh, I want them to work. I’ll probably spill the 300 if they don’t. I definitely will for my daughter.

    But when I keep noticing how white everyone’s teeth look on tv, I know it’s time to do something about mine. AT least I’m no longer a smoker.

  3. June 30, 2006    

    My teeth need some serious work.

    And I have to know. Where do you find these pictures?

    The cat women are awesome. Amazing. I may have to bookmark that site.

    And I have to tell you, the blond in the top picture? That is the MC from my current WIP, which I’ll be opening for critique soon.

    It’s here. It’s exactly what she looks like, and the tone of the photo is perfect.

  4. June 30, 2006    

    (1) Whitening agents turn to goo? I never used one. When I get my teeth clean, the dentist uses a polish. That’s about all.

    I like nice textures. Goo isn’t one of them. I grieve for thee.

    (2) One line, huh? Oh, the wonderful world of redrafting!

    (3) One of these days, I’m gonna ask everyone what attracts them to certain works of art. I wonder if anybody really knows?

    (4) Missed you.

  5. June 30, 2006    

    X!! I missed you, too. How could you have become such an integral part of my blog world so fast? I kept tromping back over to yours to see if you were back.

    Hope the parents are well. Hope your vacation was restful. 🙂

    I get my teeth cleaned with polish, but this bleaching business is the pits. It’s already worth it, tho. Two days and I see the difference.

    I think identifying with a subject attracts us to art as does just a general sense of awe, surprise, anger… anything that stirs emotion. I even found an art book of anime called Angel Cave or Angel Sanctuary the other day at B&N. Some of the art in that blew me away.

    Rachel, I have a ton of art sites. A Ton. I’m looking for beauty I can afford because I have a lot of empty wall space. Some of the wall space is two stories high. I need art. The empty walls are crying — I just know it.

    I found my character on that site, too. Wait, which blonde are you referring to? The one on this blog or the blond catwoman carrying the baby? As for the first pic on this blog, you must flip through the work of Ira Bordo. Breathtaking images. My Beri is on that site. If you flip through the galleries, make sure to check the bottom of the pics. Soome have an extra page or two. There’s nudity, but that doesn’t bother me in the least. (g)

  6. June 30, 2006    

    You find the coolest pics – the first is my all-time fav, I think…happy goo to you!

  7. June 30, 2006    

    Lemme know if da goo works, btw – get my wonderful, metallic appliances off in 9 mos – yippee!

  8. June 30, 2006    

    I have very sensitive teeth, so I am doomed to suffer with yellow enamel. I used to be a smoker, but I quit 8 yrs ago. I’m a big coffee drinker. With no plans of quitting.

    I do use a flouride treatment, that make my teeth appear a shade lighter. Or so I like to think.

    And Rachel, I thought the same exact thing about that first photo. I was like, “There’s ______!”

    Have a great holiday weekend, Rinda! I’m thinking of you as I drink some of my new wine. Can’t remember what it’s called, and I’m to relaxed to get up and find out. Ask me later. 😉

  9. Jen Jen
    June 30, 2006    

    I never stuck it out to see if the bleaching strips would work or not. They made me gag.

    That and I think I wasted 3 strips the first time trying to get them on my teeth.

  10. June 30, 2006    

    Oh Jen, you should see me getting them out.

    I was a smoker, too, Heather. Quit 2 1/2 years ago. I smoked a pack a week for many years and toward the end that turned into a pack every two days. I never was a comfortable smoker– always felt stupid for doing it. (g)

    They are working so far, Pinkie! Man, how long have you had those braces on? Seems like a long time.

  11. July 1, 2006    

    Those photos are great. One of the secrets about me is that I at one time aspired to be a fine arts photographer. I was really drawn to surrealistic, symbolic and abstract themes. Alas, along with marriage and kids came the need (for reasons of time management) to choose one over the other. Writing was less expensive. (Money was also an issue)

    This month is Dental Awareness Month for the Sanders Family. All of us have made our trek to the family dentist who had nothing good to say. I threatened to quit listening if he didn’t develop a more positive attitude.

  12. July 1, 2006    

    I have used the trays when I was in my early twenties. Your teeth do get sensitive and it makes your mouth dry after waking up from having them in all night but it made such a dramatic difference in the color of my teeth, I would recommend them even with the sensitivity. You don’t have to do it forever. After my teeth got really white, I only used them three or four times a month. Of course now, I need to do it again. Loved both pictures.

  13. July 4, 2006    

    Love the line, “Someone shoot me.” It has been my mantra for almost 2 years…

  14. July 5, 2006    

    I LOVE that first picture!

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