I met with two friends today — one I haven’t seen in a long, long time despite the fact we only live about 45 minutes from each other.

She’s moving away.

My time gets so sucked up by kids, family and my writing career, I look up and before I realize it I’ve missed out on spending time with someone I really care about. We sat outside a bookstore/cafe in this enclosed patio full of elephant ears and tall, healthy trees and didn’t mind the sound of traffic outside the tall fence walls. We were having a blast.

I was sipping my iced chai and looking at these two ladies I’ve known for more than ten years and thinking about the speed of time and how very lucky we can be in our friendships. I’m sorry she’s moving and that I’m just realizing that we should have made the time, dammit.

When we parted, she was off to Borders to see if her new book had come in. It’s out in print now and also available online. It’s a very heart-warming story of mothers, sisters and daughters– a topic which quite a few of us can definitely relate. 🙂

Leaving Mama by Bobbie Cole


Sexual Content: Rated PG13

Genre: Contemporary, Mainstream, Women’s Fiction

Book Length: Novel – 228 pages

E-book Release Date: May 30, 2006

Print Release Date: August 15, 2006
ISBN #1-4199-0587-2Cost: $13.50

Sometimes the only way to find your way home is to leave.

Smoking weed while perched on top of her grandmother’s coffin in the middle of a downpour was not how Jillian had seen the trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota as happening. With flights canceled and the airline employees striking, she had no choice but to improvise and use her rock band’s hearse. And when Gran exits the vehicle after the tires skid on a rain slick highway and the back door flies open, Jillian decides to make the best of the moment.

Things only get worse when they arrive in Minnesota and her oldest sister, Shari, has a stroke at the memorial service. Toss in the fact that their grandmother had led two lives—there was a whole other family they’d known nothing about waiting for them in Minnesota—and life suddenly becomes more complicated.

Read excerpts online here and here.
Buy the book at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble book stores, Borders Books, Waldenbooks, or directly from the publisher’s website online: http://www.samhainpublishing.com/.