For those new to the Snark, I post a picture every ten days or so and we all write.

It can be a line, a scene, a plot– whatever that picture inspires you to write. The next time, I will post the pic again along with your writing and links to your blog or website if you prefer. It’s a great way to increase traffic to your site, but better yet, it’s a fantastic way to get that creativity loose and flowing.

My only rule is to have fun! You can post your piece in the comment section or email me at if you’d prefer your writing to be a surprise on unveiling day.

The new challenge follows the Snarky Reader contributions. Oh, we are going to have fun with this one…

Last Challenge Pic!

X Dell from The X Spot wrote:

Mark rose from the couch, and thought, “This is the most realistic video game I’ve ever played.”

Bellezza from Dolce Bellezza wrote:

In order to conserve on gasoline prices, the New Order thought it might be best to eliminate paved streets altogether. They thereby solved all kinds of issues, from construction costs for new tarmac, to being held hostage by oil companies, to insurance against natural disasters.

Unfortunately, a whole new problem arose: now the citizens wondered what make of watercraft to buy, which would most impress their neighbors.

Betty from Dishin’ the Dirt with my Friends wrote:

The global positioning system microchip that he’d planted on his wife had led him here, to the middle of a damn canal. His suspicions that she’d taken a lover had driven him to take such desperate measures. According to his handheld, she should be right here. But there was nothing here, just water and boats. Had she gotten wise to him and thrown it overboard? Or was she here afterall? This was the area where a number of women had been found dead. Romeo began to poke around beneath the boat. Oh, God. Oh, God. Let her be alive.
7:47 PM

Jen from Creatif wrote:

Lorenzo looked with disgust at the canal before him. He once paid the taxi boat pilots. Now he was one.

“Oh how the mighty have fallen,” he mocked himself. “Should have known that so-called cyber-robotics firm was a scam.”

Laura said…

“Glistening off the acqua, il sole…
My heart nel dolore…
Oh Venice! Oh Ve–”

“Hey, can you cut that shit out?” Mackie snapped at Madison.

“What’s your problem?” Madison asked her twin brother.

“It’s a freakin’ screen. We’re not even in Venice.”


Madison rolled her eyes and continued,
“Oh Venice! Oh Venice!
Gondola softly slosh me…”

She stopped and looked over at Mackie, with his pierced lip pushed forward in a characteristic pout.

“You are so emo,” she remarked and finished her poem.
“Falling out of la barca.”
And now… We’re going to try something new.

This is one of the best ways I know to get in the right mood– so to speak. There are so many different flavors to our emotions and each and every one is precious. I’ve lined up different moods for the different weeks. Let’s breathe some life into our Scene from a Pic!

So, if you can, put in earphones or shut the door to your office and turn it up. Click on the picture to bring it up large so you can study it while listening to the lush, dark music I’ve giving you this time.

I cannot wait to read the results and yes, I’ll be playing, too…
From the absolutely, fantastically talented Linda Bergkvist. Probably my all time favorite artist. furiae

And the music is by Arcana. Called Le Serpent Rouge– fitting, don’t you think? Arcana – official homepage
Click here for the music.