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Very Nice!

September 30, 2006 RindaElliott 0

[youtube=] Thanks to Dishin The Dirt for the link! Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Scene From a Pic– you have just over a week […]

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House Rules!

September 27, 2006 RindaElliott 0

Hey.  A pun. I’m actually talking about the show, House.  Last night, I laughed and cried.  I swear the writing on that show is fantastic.  […]

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Searching for Snark

September 20, 2006 RindaElliott 0

Thought I’d share some of the searches people are using to find this website.  For anyone thinking of switching to WordPress, they do offer a […]

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Kick Ass Heroines

September 13, 2006 RindaElliott 0

Raise your hand if your heart started racing with excitement the first time you watched Emma Peel kick ass in the television show, The Avengers. […]