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Very Nice!

Very Nice!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr3x_RRJdd4] Thanks to Dishin The Dirt for the link! Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Scene From a Pic– you have just over a week to blow everyone away with your GENIUS. Have a great weekend and give someone a hug!

Scene From A Pic–Snarky Reader ...

Scene From A Pic–Snarky Reader Style!

For those new to the Snark, I post a picture every ten days or so and let the readers write.  This is a fantastic way to loosen creativity and get that mind working.  Use the picture in a current work or write something completely different.  Try a new genre maybe!    It can be one line, a […]

House Rules!

House Rules!

Hey.  A pun. I’m actually talking about the show, House.  Last night, I laughed and cried.  I swear the writing on that show is fantastic.  So is Hugh Laurie.  (You can’t stop our love! LOL!)  I look forward to my Tuesdays with House and yeah, I know people are excited about the World Series but […]

Tuesday Creativity, Various Web Happe...

Tuesday Creativity, Various Web Happenings & Funnies

I’ve noticed that on Tuesdays, I tend to post odds and ends, funny videos or well… just stuff.      I think it’s because Tuesday is usually one of my more creative days so I don’t put a lot of time into writing about the writing life here.  Uh, I ignore you guys for my fiction […]

Fall, Food and My Daughter’s Wo...

Fall, Food and My Daughter’s Work for Weekend Art

What is it about the beginning of fall that fills the belly with such anticipation? I love the sharper scent to the air and of course, losing the constant over-100 degree days is more than welcome. We had a rough summer climate-wise. I took my daughter to the farmer’s market yesterday morning and the damage […]

Dead Computer Snark and Apex Subscrip...

Dead Computer Snark and Apex Subscriptions!

Agh!  I’ve written four posts today but my laptop doesn’t have the juice to work the pages and my Internet isn’t working properly. The desktop crashed.  Yes, the one I was so happy about in December.  In short, the 150 bucks I paid for in home service was nothing but a line of BS from […]

Searching for Snark

Searching for Snark

Thought I’d share some of the searches people are using to find this website.  For anyone thinking of switching to WordPress, they do offer a great page with blog and feed stats.  blog quizzes 5 women’s ankle tattoo 3 subjective genre 1 dose maura tierney have a myspace 1 starbucks norse 1 “rogered her”

Disappearing Pics, Writer’s Retreats,...

Disappearing Pics, Writer’s Retreats, Pink Spyders and Critique Partners

So tell me, if you explore this WordPress site a bit, are the images coming through?  If I open and resave each and every post, the images are there for me, but within a day, they’re gone again.  It seems to be the imported posts from Blogger only, but if I were to upload every […]

Writer’s Retreat Weekend and Ge...

Writer’s Retreat Weekend and Gena’s New Book!!

I am going with the Oklahoma Romance Writers to Quartz Mountain Lodge this weekend for a writer’s retreat.   I’m excited about both the retreat and the lodge—sounds like a fantastic spot for contemplation and fun. We are spending the entire day tomorrow learning about worldbuilding and writing from Mel Odom . The worldbuilding advice I […]

Kick Ass Heroines

Kick Ass Heroines

Raise your hand if your heart started racing with excitement the first time you watched Emma Peel kick ass in the television show, The Avengers. The Avengers was a British show in the sixties about spies and Diana Rigg’s character was a genius who could kick serious butt. As a child of the seventies, I […]

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