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Dead Computer Snark and Apex Subscriptions!

Agh!  I’ve written four posts today but my laptop doesn’t have the juice to work the pages and my Internet isn’t working properly.

The desktop crashed.  Yes, the one I was so happy about in December.  In short, the 150 bucks I paid for in home service was nothing but a line of BS from a sales guy and I fell for it.  Someone slap me.  So, since it’s the motherboard, it has to be mailed out, will be gone a long time and I’m stuck with an old laptop that can barely load an Internet page. 

So I thought I’d warn you that my Internet presence, posting and commenting, will probably be slow for a little while.

In the meantime, don’t forget Scene From a Picture.  I’d load the picture, but it’s just too much for the laptop, so scroll down.  It’s the metallic looking blonde by Melissa Ng.  You’ll have longer than usual to write something, so have fun!

Now, for some difficult news.  You all know how much I like Apex Digest.  Great writing, wonderful editor who has become a friend of mine — every issue has had stories that stuck in my mind long after I finished them.  I caught this post on his blog today and I’m sharing because it had to be a difficult post.

So, if you like sci-fi or horror and have had thoughts of checking out Apex, now would be a great time to giving them a try.  And if any of you are familiar with the magazine and think it’s great, spread the word.  🙂


This is my own personal horror story. In it, I play the guy whose pride won’t let him ask for help when he sees that he needs it. I might have waited too late, even now. Hubris can be a complicated personality trait. It’s one that I’m struggling with at the moment.

See, I’m having to come out to the public that Apex needs help. That I need help. Like, within two weeks.

Those who know me that my hubris is a personality flaw.

But this damn magazine means too much to me.

The story starts out well. A nice guy, me, starts a science-fiction and horror magazine. He loves it. He puts his own money into it. To his delight, the critics respond well to the stories. It goes into Barnes and Nobles. It starts breaking even. Who cares if he has a small debt from starting it? He’s paying that back and things are golden. He is proud of his magazine.

You see where this is going, don’t you? The word “pride” is your cue that things are about to go south.

This nice guy loses his job. He has four months of unemployment, but he keeps putting the magazine out. That small debt starts to get bigger. But he keeps his writers and artists paid and delivers the magazine on time. The printer is understanding and lets him slide on payments.

If the nice guy had asked for help then, he wouldn’t have needed to slide on payments. But he has a lot of pride and thinks he could tough it out. Then the nice guy gets a new job, which proves his point. He starts paying down the debt to his printer.

If this weren’t a horror story that would be the happy ending. There would be butterflies and fuzzy kittens. But this is a horror story.

We never see the printer’s POV, so we don’t know why the email is sent. All the nice guy knows is that the printer wants all of the money and wants it now. He doesn’t have it.

At the moment, I don’t know how this story will end.

All of Apex’s distributors rightfully expect their copies of the magazine within the next couple of weeks. Apex subscribers rightfully expect their copies within the next couple of weeks.

If I fail to get Apex #7 out to the distributors and subscribers, the story ends. I’ve begged and borrowed as much as I can. Now I’m dropping my pride and admitting that I need help publicly. I need 200 new subscribers to create the revenue required to pay off the debt to the printer.

Tell me how my story ends. You have the power. It’s sort of like one of those cool “choose your adventure” books from childhood.



  1. September 21, 2006    

    First things first: The new blog looks great. I think I’ll switch over to WordPress too when I’m finally fed up with Blogger. Plug-Ins are better too.

    Sorry to hear about the laptop. Up until last year, I was on a 460, so I empathize with the loading and unloading. On the good side, maybe you’ll be doing more writing with it than surfing. If not, your patience is sure to improve.

    I checked out Apex. I feel for your friend. I don’t particularly read that much sci-fi, but we’ll at least think about a subscription.

  2. September 21, 2006    

    Thanks! I actually want to add more color, but with the desktop crashing (it has all my graphics) that will be awhile yet. So you get my big eyeballs staring at you.

    I’ve been writing a lot more than surfing. Had to almost ween myself from surfing. Now, with Bloglines, I just check to see who has updated on one site. Love it.

    BTW, I’m enjoying your music conspiracy posts quite a bit. You have me listening to Hendrix today.

  3. David David
    September 21, 2006    

    um, I would buy your stuff, sci-fi or horror is the wave of the future, sure enough, but um, I got this paypal thing and you seem to want the info they already have. I think yous just tryin to steal my moneys! (; If not whys your thingy do that? If you would like you can e-mail me with an answer and I will be more then glad to check out your mag. How bad you want it? is one person worth your time? Do they really have crabs in the sasage? Or is it just crab meat? And by the by whats up with that grim girl? Is she just fucking crazy or something?

  4. David David
    September 21, 2006    

    Oh, and um sorry to hear about the pc good luck with that and all.

  5. Rinda Rinda
    September 21, 2006    

    Okay, I’m trying to follow this David. What did my “thingy” do? The last part of that post is from my friend Jason who is the editor of Apex Digest. It isn’t my magazine at all and in fact, they’ve rejected one of my stories.

    You’re welcome to go to http://www.apexdigest.com and look around. They also offer free fiction on the blog.

    Everyone is worth my time, but I don’t have your email and your name doesn’t link to a site. I have no idea about the crab questions. Lost me there.

    The grim girl. Hmmm.. I don’t know her. I have read some of her poetry and liked it. Plus, it’s the first book Apex published, so I fly the banner to help out a friend and because she posts her poetry on her myspace site and some of it is incredible. She might be crazy — she might not be. Either way, she seems interesting to me.

    I don’t want any of your paypal info or your money. Did that link take you to Apex? That’s where it takes me?

  6. David David
    September 22, 2006    

    Hi there, yes I realized that this morning, about posting it in the worng place and all, I’ll get with apex later and see if I can get the link to work, I was having touble with the palpay thingy. Thanks for the info. As far as my money goes I may be traden you sum for a t-shirt or what not once I get the paypal thing worked out. And yes she does write good peotry…. even if she seems just a weee bite crazy.


  7. September 22, 2006    

    Sorry to hear about your computer, that sucks. But I’m glad you’ve moved to WordPress. I love it.

    As for Apex, I totally share your feelings. If you’re interested, I’ve set up an old-fashioned raffle with fairly staggering prizes to do some fundraising for Apex Digest. You can buy a ticket to put your name in the hat to win autographed copies of books, art, video and other strange goodies. Tickets are a dollar each.

    On Friday, September 29th, we’ll draw names and hand out the prizes.

    You might win an autographed book by M.M. Buckner, Geoffrey Girard, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Keene, David Louis Edelman, and more. Or how about a copy-edited manuscript of a Ben Bova novel? We’ve also got a signed first edition hard cover of The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russel. Maybe you’d want to have your story professionally edited? Stop by and see which things you covet.

  8. September 22, 2006    

    Count me in.

  9. September 24, 2006    


    Just subscribed this morning and hung it on my blog.

    Mel Odom

  10. September 24, 2006    

    You rock! Thanks Mel!

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