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Scene From a Pic– Snarky Halloween Style!

Scene From a Pic is something we do here for a little fun.  It’s a great way to loosen up your creativity!  Try writing something new– maybe a different genre or style– but just have fun. I’ll post your writing along with a link to your blog or website!

This time, I’m suggesting some wonderful scary music and an intriguing image for Halloween!  I’ll be posting the pieces a few days before Halloween, so take your time, listen to the music and tell me what you get from this shot.   

( I just won a signed copy of Midnight Syndicate’s The 13th Hour from the Apex Digest raffle!  Wonderful, ethereal horror soundtrack music!)


I always post the author of a piece of artwork or photography because I sincerely believe in helping create publicity for talented people.  I can’t find the author of this one and I’d like to know.  I wouldn ‘t normally post without knowing, but this is such a great creepy shot and I found it several places…

And here are the entries from the last Scene From a Pic! First the picture.


From a Free to Use Photo Site.

Elaine from Mississhippi’s Madness wrote two!
Scene 1.

     The sign had read “End of the world – follow this path.”
So I had and here I was. Over that rise was The
End. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to venture over, but I had come this far, so…
      Well, what a let down. I’m back where I started from.

Scene 2.

I stepped off the path and onto… a cloud. It was
like walking on a thick bed of kikuyu grass,
spongy and crackly. I was particularly surprised
about the crispness of the cloud. Who’d have
thought crisp and soft would go together?

Jamie walked up to me as I ventured further into the cloud haze.

“Be careful, the edges sort of creep up on you.
They almost lost Louise earlier; luckily she was
still wearing her safety harness.”

His face was slightly obscured by mist, like an
out of focus photograph. He touched my shoulder
and my skin jumped with an electric charge. Jamie pulled his hand away quickly.

“Sorry about that. I forgot. You’ve got to be
careful of the electric current too. But you get used to that after a while.”

As I glanced around I saw small sparks flaring
through the haze, sometimes unaided but mostly when someone touched.

“Who is here?”

“Pretty much everyone now. I think Johnno will be
the last and he just has to make sure no one follows.”

“So what’s next?”

“Stay with your partner.” Jamie smiled at me. We
had only met two days ago, when I arrived. Our
names had been drawn out of a hat. I had hoped
for Johnno; he was the reason I was here. But
Jamie looked promising. Well, at least harmless.

The others that we could see through the cloud
cover were standing in pairs, some holding hands,
some with arms crossed, awkward, unsure, and
others, like Jamie and me, chatting in lowered
voices, as if the place quietened our natural exuberance.

Johnno loomed through the mist. “Ready, guys?”
His partner was Camilla. Silly twit. Still
giggling. What she was doing here I didn’t know.
He walked over near the edge of the cloud and
lifted a weighty anchor and heaved it away. We
heard the thud as it hit the ground.

And then we were moving. I reached for Jamie’s
hand at the same moment as he reached for mine. A
shock ran up my arm, but I held on tight.

We were off. We had harnessed a cloud and were
letting it take us where it traveled.

Johnno had been dubbed ‘Noah’ but I still thought
of him as Johnno and wished he were mine. Maybe
Camilla would fall off the cloud.

I felt the warmth of Jamie’s hand seep into my
skin. I peeked at him from under my lashes. Maybe
my draw wasn’t so bad after all.


Betty S from Dishin The Dirt With My Friends wrote:

Fifteen years of imprisonment, locked in an underground bunker that Sophie thought most certainly would become her tomb, had left her eyes sensitive to bright lights, or any light at all. The 15 watt bulbs illuminating what had become her world hundreds of feet below ground had provided limited vision and left her with little memory of how bright the sun could be.

Sophie had resigned herself to the life of a mole destined to dwell forever in the darkest recesses of Earth. But today, less than an hour ago, the captors had left. There was no explanation, no congratulations you are free, no apologies for robbing her of a decade and a half of living, they just vanished. There was the electronic click of the doors unlocking. Gradually, she and the others emerged from their cells and made their way up to the surface and the large metal door that stood between them and the world.

A tall rail thin black man threw his weight against a large metal lever and what appeared as a silver wall began to slide into the recesses of the stone to the right. Light began to flood the spot where Sophie stood. She took one step. Then another. The stinging in her eyes was almost unbearable. Almost.

She had lived below ground so long that she had nearly lost the idea of freedom. But now as she stared into the space of open air, freedom smelled sweet. Pungent as wheat fields. Clean as rain.

A railed pathway lay before her. It and led to a “where” that she did not know. Not true. She did know. It led to life. It led to her future. It led to home. Sophie blinked and wiped the tears from her stinging eyes. She did the thing she had to do, the thing her soul screamed for. She took a step and then another and then another until she was running as hard and as fast as she could to whatever lay ahead.


Carol Shenold wrote:

Canson cowered under dark trees. Colors could blind you if you followed the path. Outside, away from tree protection, you could go mad. She never wanted anything so badly in her 100 years on earth as she did that journey into the world on the other side of the forest. Fear flooded in as she reached out her hand.

Araby screamed. “Don’t. You’ll burn. You know what happens when the light comes. This will be so much worse. We’ll lose you forever.”

Canson turned her back to the light for a moment, touched her baby sister’s cheek. “You will never lose me. I’ll always come back. Take care of everyone–take care of Marcus.”

Canson turned,walked into the light and disappeared on the other side of the green. She didn’t burn, not then.


  1. October 16, 2006    

    No scene yet. I just wanted to be the first to point out the obvious- That tree has a vagina.

    If someone can write a “tree lady” scene, and make it not suck, I would gladly pay them $5.

  2. October 16, 2006    


    That is a trippy ass tree. Is that for real?

    I said trippy ass. Shoot me now.

  3. October 16, 2006    

    Dude, way trippy ass. Anywho, that could spawn a story or two.

  4. October 16, 2006    

    I like the new template, Rinda 🙂

  5. October 16, 2006    

    Thanks, Bonnie– I’m still not sure I’m sticking with it. I can’t seem to find a template that fits me. You guys will probably see all sorts of changes here.

    The only thing I really don’t like about this blog site is the standard fonts that come with templates. I liked the look of my last one, but I had to go in and individually change the html on each and every line to get a decent sized font. I’m funny about that. We’re on computers so much, a hard to read font is bad, bad, bad.

    Plus, if you guys could let me know if you have right columns on this one, that might help. I use AOL ( I know, I know!) and I have to deliberately maximize the window to see the right columns. I think most people use Explorer or Mozilla– I don’t have to do that with either of those. Though Mozilla can drive me nuts with image difficulties.

    I love this pic– vagina and all. Don’t know if it’s real or not, Heather, but trippy ass is an excellent description.

  6. October 17, 2006    

    Yes there are right columns on this one 🙂

  7. October 17, 2006    

    I like the look and the font. Very clean, and easy on the eyes.

  8. October 26, 2006    

    Gaia, the earth goddess, arising from winter and reaching out to embrace the sun.

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