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Election Day at the Snark


Picture by bratty sister, Jana, who doesn’t understand the importance of personal space. 

Your sniffling, yet friendly snarky writer freaked out a local elementary school today. 

You see, last year she voted at that particular school and since she didn’t look at the bottom of her new handy, dandy voter registration card, she didn’t know it had moved.  She grabbed her scary purse, made a mental note to clean it out later that day, then checked on her sick daughter before quietly leaving early to vote.

She parked at the school, surprised there were actually a couple of empty spaces.  She walked around to the back of the school where the voting room was before.  Perplexed about the lack of people or signs, she walked back around and went in a side door to stand around looking too stupid to be voting while staring at chests to find any “I voted” stickered people.  

A few suspicious looks happened her way but she was largely ignored.

She finally stopped a teacher who immediately inquired how such a snarky presence entered the building.  The unlocked side door caused all sorts of alarm and as this snarky writer was being pushed outside and told to tug on the door for testing, the teacher yelled out the name of the new voting place.

So, scurrying red-faced and unwanted from the building, she sat in her car and tried to find that handy, dandy voter registration card in the bottom of scary purse and found the old one with the school still on it.  But, she had the name of the location, so she proceeded to drive around and around and around.  She had, of course, left her cell phone at home.  Frustrated and unbelievably thirsty, this snarky presence looked for a pay phone with yellow pages, but duh… she should have known better than to leave her house without coffee… there are no more payphones! 

There haven’t been in like… forever! 

So she asks at a local drug store.  They know nothing.  While buying Nyquil, throat lozenges, a hopefully more friendly razor, a Coke and some gum, her handy, dandy voter registration card pops out of the bottom of scary purse– complete with address.  Yay!!!! So, she finally finds the right place and votes.  She knows her little blue voice barely ripples in her beloved red state, but she has to do it. 

So now, here she sits after ten at night, unable to turn off the news, unable to work.  She is, however, very glad she didn’t get so heavily involved in politics this year because well, her last try made her TOO snarky.  And TOO depressed. You see, she cares TOO much.

She’s watching race after race come in and feeling her tummy rolling over the constant arguing of the news panel people, but she’s also feeling this small spark of hope.  No matter the outcome… no matter who controls House or Senate,  there’s a different “feel” to the election this time.  Seems more people are trying to come together in the middle and that, Snarky Readers, makes this writer feel just a little better about the world. 



  1. November 8, 2006    

    something very similar to that story happened to me one year!
    i can sympathize!

  2. November 8, 2006    

    He he!

    I went to bed before it was over. Who controls the House now? And the Senate?

  3. November 8, 2006    

    I don’t want to be red anymore. And I don’t want to be blue, either.

    I choose purple.

    And your vote mattered!

  4. November 8, 2006    

    Every vote matters. 🙂

    The thing is, these are pretty moderate people, so purple probably describes them perfectly. Hopefully, a balance will be found.

    I don’t hide the fact that I’m a social liberal. I believe freedom means just that. The freedom to choose your own beliefs and morals, the freedom to have the same rights as everyone else, the freedom to marry your love, the freedom to choose what’s right for you and your family. These things are important to all people whether they lean right or left. 🙂

  5. November 9, 2006    

    Rinda, you look like me all dressed up to teach! I can’t imagine they wouldn’t let you in that elementary school, especially with more than half of the teachers looking WAY scarier than you. I’m not kidding, have you seen our second grade team? Of course not, but picture fat. Crabby. Drawn out. You don’t even come close to looking a quarter of that scary!

    As for voting…that’s the scariest thing of all. Especially when you consider the (ridiculous) war and our children being almost of age to draft…I’m too scared to think about it. I care way too much, as you do.

  6. November 9, 2006    

    I choose purple as well. I am tired of the 2 party system. It is so un-American. More voices….

    But sadly, Ross perot ruined the chance to get another 3rd party into the debates. Good luck. Even Nader couldn’t wedge in. The 2 parties don’t want issues, they want politics.

  7. November 9, 2006    

    Here! Here! We need purple. No more parties, just purple.

    I’ll do the shirts!

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