Feeling Random…

I had a great writing day.  Finally got to a point where I can start submitting to my critique group again.  I’m going over the next chapter one more time tonight, then polishing up the next.  Woohoo!   

 So, to celebrate, I’m sharing nothing but randomness.  Wonderful, strange and funny randomness.

First of all– I’m trying to figure out this video thang.  One from google, one from Youtube.  [googlevideo=http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=5811506324820934134&hl=en” flashvars=] This is my husband and son trudging back from trying to ride the sled. The snow and sleet was coming down too fast. It hurt their faces so they quit. The video is terrible because that same violent mix was hitting me and the camera.

And check out this new popular style of jeans.  I’m sitting this one out. My eyes!  My eyes!!


 Okay, this is hysterical.  By the end, I’m in tears.  Partly from grief over Steve, but also because I’m laughing so hard.  Ross the Intern is wonderful!  


 And for really random… is it just me or is Kevin Bacon looking extremely good in those Hanes commercials?


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  1. Holy wow, was I drooling over KB tonight during the House commercial break. Yes, he is fine in cotton. 😉

    And what the eff is up with those jeans? I thought they were a funhouse mirror pic at first.

  2. Yep, it was during the House break. I was perving on him big time. Let me see if I can find the info on those jeans. Right now, they’re popular overseas. I hope they stay there.

  3. egad on the jeans! UGH!

    Whoo-hoo on the writing! Enjoyed your photos, videos, and comments, as usual. *ggg*

    STILL shaking my head on those damn jeans, though. Quick – somebody phone the fashion police!

    Oh, and I really love the ‘write thing’ and ‘I wear pink…’ slogans.

    Miss you. *sniff, sniff*

  4. The Write Thing is actually a banner for another person’s store. We exchanged banners. She has some nice stuff. The pink spyder is a store I did for breast cancer awareness.

    Those jeans are hideous, eh?

    And Bonnie, I laughed that hard myself.

  5. The Ross the Intern video has always been one of my favorites. I never see it without laughing.

    Kevin Bacon!!!!!!
    He’d look good in anything.

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