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Busy Days, Typos and OKRWA Authors!

I’m still trying to reach this personal deadline.  I realized quite far into the book that one of my main characters is just not right.  I’m not talking brain damaged—no, but that might make this book more freaking interesting.  No, I’m talking badly written.  Plus, he has this scary aspect to him that needs to be explored.  In a big way.  This throws the early part of the book off some, makes whatever I write from here on out very different, so I’m already elbows-deep in the repairs. 

If I really want to try and mix the three genres mentioned in my bio to the right, I need to dig deeper into that creepy-crawly part of myself I’d usually rather avoid. <G>

I’ve also been trying to regenerate interest in the Snark Store so I threw together a newsletter last night and sent that damn thing out with a big typo.  Jeez.  I know better than to hurry through something that important.  143 subscribers… 143 copies of that typo… But, I did give the store a new sleek look. 

Enough about my obviously too-busy self today.  I have friends and fellow OKRWA authors with books out this month. 

The really difficult part of being on a tough deadline is not having time to read all these books yet!  They look good!

0220075111.jpg  I’m excited about this one.  Kiera Ramsay is a very good friend of mine and a terrific writer!  Redemption is book one in an exciting new “sexy” Urban Fantasy Series.  Check them out here. 

0373793081_01.jpg Jill’s current release has one sexy cover, eh?  You can learn more about Jill Monroe and where to find her books here!

0373771886_01.jpg This is the book flying off the shelves and cracking the big lists right now!  You can find out all about the book and Gena Showalter here. 🙂

1416536019_01.jpg Wow, what a cover!  Are you guys sensing a theme here?  Looks like February is the month for sexy.  Jaci Burton’s new one caught my eye.  Read more about Jaci here.

022007222.gif Yes, we definitely have a theme for February.  Extra sexy book month. <g>  Myla Jackson had a couple of books out now, so check her out here.

Stay tuned to the Snark.  I will have more writing tip posts coming up soon.  And don’t forget, the Scene from a Pic goes on until March 8th.  You can look at the current pic in the page above, but it’s more fun to click on the category with the same title to the right and read the incredible entries from this last one!  Feel free to comment–I’m sure all the writers would love to hear your thoughts on their work. 🙂

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