Me after seeing the topic Heather gave me “off the top of her head.”  Yeah, right.  She’s had an evil plan all along.

The topic?

“Write about a government mandated vaccine for psychic cat scratch disease.”

0 thoughts on “Heather!!”

  1. Amy Shojai already is writing something similar that has a cat-to-human transmission of a virus that allow humans to understand what cats are saying/thinking.

  2. A song title(Psychic Cat)from my iMix and the debate over the HPV vaccine for teen girls has been making headlines in Texas is how I came up with the idea.

    This is the first I’ve heard about Amy’s idea.

  3. Heather, Amy is a member of OWFI from Texas. She mostly writes non-fiction about pets.

    Don’t worry mine will be different. Already have an idea cooking in the background… I still can’t believe this one.

    Darn though, don’t tell me anymore about Amy’s. 🙂

    Thanks Rachel, the pic is grainy because our nice digital tanked and this is the only one we have right now. One of those cheap HP-came-with-the-printer deal I think. heh heh

  4. Are you laughing or crying? I mean, yeah… cat scratch disease is really tragic, but wouldn’t a government mandated vaccine help? Oh wait… It’s the government…

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