I had actually planned to devote a couple of days a week to poetry for April’s National Poetry Month and time got away from me.

If you’re in the mood for some great poetry, visit  Mad Below My Feet .  She has done such a great job representing the genre this month.  Her own work is stark, emotional and very, very good.  It stands alone but every now and then, she reminds me a little of Aimee Mann who writes clear, precise lyrics that make such huge statements.

Now, I mostly write very serious stuff, but I did this as a joke and then actually stood on stage and read it aloud at a poetry slam.  <g>   


Writing, Pro-Boxing Style

I storm into the ring
Muscles oiled and compiled
To face an opponent of one
Heavy-weight style.

He goes by the name Diffidence
As world champion, he defiles
He creeps into the ring
Sentient style.

I throw out my first move
Shatter his myopic guile
Then perform a dancing two-step
Mohammad Ali style.

He rebounds with a solid left
Vilification so vile
With a quick follow up of guilt
Fourth-grade teacher style.

I growl with frustration
Gather persistence I’ve stockpiled
And slam him into the ropes
Pro-wrestler style

He grabs my creative muscle
This cheating reptile
And sinks in his teeth
Mike Tyson style.

Patience at end
My deadline he will not exile
I deliver the knockout punch
Confident Writer Style