I’ve been tagged a few times and while I loved getting the thinking blogger award from Heather, I’m having trouble putting together five of my favorite thinking blogs–simply because most of them have already been tagged.  She’s one of them–I love Weekend Zen! 🙂

But I can do this one from Lyn.

Eight Random Facts about Moi:

avocado.jpg1. I will sometimes eat weird food combos.  For instance, I’ll eat avocados with just about anything, but I love them in a fried egg sandwich. I also dip pizza in ranch dressing sometimes. When I was growing up, my dad salted all fruit for us–especially grapefruit–to this day, I want salt with one.  (I didn’t say “healthy” food combos.)

spoon.jpg2. I will randomly (okay accidentally) mutter spoonerisms causing new family phrases.  “Big a dig hole” is one.  The other day I said, “Ew!  He nicked his pose!”

3. I collected giant panda items as a kid.  Posters, stuffed animals, figurines… Still have some–okay, a really big one in my office that the hubby gave to me when we dated.

4. I lived in Manassas, Virginia when the Bobbits did. 

pterodactyl.jpg5. When I asked my kids to list some random things about me, I got these answers, “When you’ve been in the house working too long, you hide behind doors and scare us.” “When you’ve been in the house working too long, you sing weird songs in the kitchen.”  “When you’ve been in the house working too long, you play pterodactyl.”  Okay, apparently, I spend too much time in the house working.  

tool.jpg6. Oh, the other weird fact–to them, anyway–is that I like hard rock and heavy metal sometimes.  “That’s weird for a mom,” daughter said.

7. When I asked the husband a neat fact about me, he said nothing.  He merely chewed the homemade stuffed pasta shells I made for dinner and grinned.  My blog isn’t X-rated enough for interpretation.

8. There’s a local hospital commercial about a seven year-old boy who dies and becomes a donor and I can’t handle it.  I turn the channel, but I never fail to burst into tears first anyway. 

And since I’ve seen this tag just about everywhere, I’m letting it fade out here… unless anyone feels the need.