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Celise asked if I would put the Story design on posters and I thought that was an excellent idea. 

So, I spent the morning creating some new designs with that inspiring message.  TIP:I learned that it’s better to do JPG graphics on these bigger sized images.  Had all kinds of trouble trying to create, manipulate and upload PNG files.  Eck.

But this message was inspired by a very good friend of mine who is simply one of the best writers I’ve had the privilege to read.  She comes up with these fantastic ideas but worries she can’t do them justice.  I know better ;)– but I also know how crippling doubt can be to a writer. 

So, I made this saying up for her and gifted her with a tote to carry as a reminder.  🙂  It’s her story and no one will ever get to read it or know those characters unless she tries. 

How many of us could use that reminder? 

So, I ended up putting seven new designs up with the same saying and I put them on large posters or mini posters, rectangle magnets and journals.  The journals are great, but they do not have lined paper.  I have put in a request for that. 

Here are examples of the new designs and they come on different items, though I’ve only  showed one each here.

All can be found HERE.








And you can still find the original designs on T-shirts and more HERE.


  1. May 28, 2007    

    Thanks Rinda! You’re awesome.

  2. CJ CJ
    May 29, 2007    

    I consider myself “kicked in the butt.”

  3. May 29, 2007    

    I wasn’t kicking. As I said, I understand doubt. I’m fighting it right now in fact. Just thought I’d share the inspiration behind that design. 🙂

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