Guess What?


Some of those who have followed this blog from the beginning know this is a big day for me.  At one time, I was completing two or three manuscripts a year.  Then something happened and I lost my nerve somewhere.  A bad illness, having manuscripts sit on editor’s desks for up to two years, a family business and well–there was a host of things that made me take a long, long break.  

I did write and publish short pieces.  Some with bylines and a TON of stories without bylines. 🙂

But, I decided to make a go of book publishing again and started up last year.  I took on a new critique partner and you all know I’m thrilled with the relationship–even if it can be serious work at times. 

But… here’s why today is such a big deal to me.


For a confessed profectionist, this is the hardest thing to say.  We like to tweak and tweak and tweak until oh, let’s see… what did Merline Lovelace say Saturday???  We polish the life out of a piece?

So, I finished rewrites Friday night, printed out the entire thing, read it through last night, typed in the last minute changes today and yeah, I’m done.  No more tweaking.

Now, all I have is the Query and Synopsis (written, but needs uh…tweaking…) and it’s off to the first agent on my list!  (Going the agent round this time around <g>) 

But for now, I’m having a glass of wine. Celebrating by myself.  Think I’ll watch the new episode of Big Love then put in a favorite chick flick.   The wonderful, wonderful sense of accomplishment is worth it all. 

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  1. oooh, Rinda, I’m so proud of you and happy for you – I know what this means to you! WAY TO GO!!!!!!

    …and I will get around to that meme thang – sometime – haven’t been online much since the last trip. Blame it on jet lag, being too old, having more on my plate than I can handle. – Ok. End of excuses.

    Congratulations again – have a glass of wine for me while you’re at it and consider yourself patted on the back.

  2. I SO know how that feels. When I finished my third book (Book One in my YA series), I cried when I was done. My husband’s best friend heard me thru the door and thought was something was wrong. My hubby thought something was wrong, but really, it was just tears of relief. Of finally being done. It should have been done a year or so ago and things just kept getting in the way. The other part of it was closely reaching a self-imposed deadline. Although I went over by about a week. I would’ve finished if my mother hadn’t ended up in the hospital on a certain holiday (can’t remember which one ,but it was earlier this year). It scared me and set me back a little, but I reached it, y’know?

  3. I’ve had some wine, still watching Big Love and I feel so good. I went over my goal two weeks–not happy about that, but this broke through a long, long block.

    The best part? I know it won’t be this hard next time. Already outlined and am ready to go. But, I’m taking a week off to play with my kids. 🙂

    Hi Sunny!!!! Oh, I haven’t heard from you in forever. So nice to!!!!

    That is soo cool! Now you have more time to Stumble! (kidding)
    Way to go on the book, make sure you leave a copy in your mailbox in case the furry monster needs a good read. 🙂

  5. Congratulations Rinda! I may not have been visiting The Write Snark since the beginning, but I can understand getting a major project finished. I wish you all the best with the agents. Being a perfectionist won’t have made the job easy for you – getting past that is just as important as finishing it!

  6. Thrilled to hear that you’ve finished. I know how hard it is to “return” to writing after being stuck. Dare I say I knew you had it in you? Well…I DID!

    (raising my coffee cup in supportive ATTA-GIRL fashion)

  7. Congrats again and I wish I’d seen Big Love, had an OWFI thing I had to go to, missed Kyle XY and Big Love. I know you’re still excited about the book. I just need to print it and sit down and read. Carol

  8. Thanks for all the congrats! I’ve already outlined book two in the series and am looking forward to jumping in. But, I did promise the kiddos some fun stuff so maybe I’ll squeeze some time in at night. 😉

    You all simply must do this for yourselves as often as possible. Feels great. 🙂

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