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Back To School Day!


This was probably similar to the view from my daughter’s bus this morning.  Only there were trees and houses… and MY DAUGHTER running toward it as it sped away…

The first morning of the first day of school was hectic!  Yep, my highschooler missed the bus, though it wasn’t her fault at all. 

The wrong bus showed up and it came ten minutes early!  My already nervous daughter turned to me with watery eyes and I said, “No problem, I’ll take you.” 

I have never been one of those parents who does kid ‘drop off’ well.  I hate the traffic, the long, long waiting line and since we’re on the outskirts of the district, the school is a bit of a hike.  I was calling the Bus Barn on my cell and missed a turn and ended up leaving the weirdest message on their machine after some loose dogs attacked the car. 

My daughter was laughing pretty hard when we finally made it to the school.  She said the end of the message was me honking the horn and yelling at dogs too stupid to stay out of the front of the car.  Oops.  <g>

Then, I rushed home and realized that my child in elementary and I were given homework on Meet The Teacher day yesterday!  We forgot.  Both of us.  Hmm…  good start to the year, eh?  So, we frantically pulled all that together this morning.

But now, they are both gone, the house is quiet…and the crazy summer schedule is over. 

On to the crazy school schedule!  Marching band, football games, daily homework battles, etc.  But this one comes with seven hours of time alone for me, so I’ll get more done!! 

I’m soooo tempted to put my feet up, eat junk and watch movies today on my first day of freedom. 

Nah, I got work.  I’m hoping with all this kid-less time, I’ll get work done earlier in the week and get back to my main love–writing!!!  I’ve been unable to juggle my schedule well for over a month now and all the writers who read this blog will understand that not writing is a bad, bad thing for someone who loves it so.

I was a ten page a day writer.  I may not be able to swing that with a job, but I’m going to aim for six and make it up on Sundays.  For some reason, I can really get a lot of writing done when football is on. 😉


  1. August 16, 2007    

    Wow. My kids don’t start until Monday after next, the 27th I think. (They began much earlier last year, I don’t know why it changed?) But they will be going through the first week of June! Poo.

    Cute story. I wouldn’t at all know what being forgetful is like. (sarcasm)

  2. August 16, 2007    

    Awww, bless your heart. And your kids’ hearts. 😉

    Around here, kids started back four days ago. The streets are quiet. It’s nice. 😉

  3. August 16, 2007    

    I’m wondering if a Palm Pilot will help me with the schedule, homework due dates, etc. Plus, I really want something that carries and reads ebooks… I need recommendations. 🙂

    It’s nice and quiet now and I’m loving it. The mind is free to dream and create.

  4. August 16, 2007    

    I loved my Palm for reading and carrying books around. It also helped me keep track of my hectic hospital schedule. It was old and died. I need a new one some time. Carol

  5. August 17, 2007    

    I used to feel such anxiety as a kid on the first day of school, always so sad that the summer was over and a good portion of my life would be spent in school.

    I imagine there is similar feelings for a parent on the first day of school (I have 4 years before I experience this myself). Hopefully tomorrow goes better.

  6. August 17, 2007    

    I feel anxiety for them, but mostly for the social structure crap they deal with. My daughter is a band kid if that tells you anything.

    Oh, I’ve been dealing with this for soooo long, but then… I started young. 😉

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