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Weekend Music and Art


Jumped on tonight to share some music. I’ve been listening to Iron and Wine.  Yes, folk music.  I do have a love for that genre, too. Suprising from someone who is a fan of alternative, trip hop and  groups like Tool and Korn–but I have all kinds of favs from classical up to metal.  Believe me, my music collection is seriously intense. Okay, okay, maybe a tad ridiculous.

I listen to a lot of mellow music when I’m cooking or taking a bath, or just lounging with a book and a glass of wine.  

Iron and Wine is perfect for such things.  See, when it comes to folk, I’m picky.  So, I like to latch onto places like www.lastfm.com and type in someone I like to get similar suggestions. I used to do this with Pandora Radio, but I can never get it to work these days and I don’t have trouble with lastfm. 

So…I uh… clicked in Over the Rhine.  Like any of you are surprised with my recent gushiness over their new CD.  I don’t really consider them folk, but since their style crosses genres, they bring up other cross-genre musicians.

So, some of the music played:

Vienna Teng–have all her CDs

The Sundays–Yes.  Need More Please. 

Leigh Nash–have hers–don’t listen much, though

Beth Orton–oh yeah, all of em

Ten Thousand Maniacs–ditto

Fiona Apple–ditto 

Aimee Mann– a few–not all yet since she’s quite prolific (Man, I still don’t think anyone can top her Save Me from Magnolia.)

Sarah McLachlan–ditto…

Seeing a pattern?  But I hadn’t heard Iron and Wine and I liked it.  This is a male voice, btw.  Some female harmony.

So, I picked up the EP, Woman King, and found a beaut!  Smooth, feel-good music with lush acoustics and voices that blend like magic.  You can listen to samples here.  If you like it, it’s a few dollars cheaper at Itunes. 😉  Kind of reminds me of Sufjan Stevens and yeah, I have most everything he’s done.


This CD, Our Endless Numbered Days, sounds a little more mellow, a little more folk and acoustic and very, very lovely.  The second tune, Naked As We Came, sounds fantastic.  This CD is on my “to-be-purchased” list, but I’ll probably cave soon with that WAY TOO FREAKING EASY Itunes.

There is a streaming audio player on Iron and Wine’s main site.  Click their name above. 

And in art, check out Cha Feily.  Very moody photography.  I love that first one!  You can click it to bring it up large.  Be a great SFAP shot–but I’ve been playing it safe and using only royalty free photos. 

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