Apex Halloween Raffles Rock!

Last year, I won a signed Midnight Syndicate CD in the Apex Raffle.  I’m hoping my luck carries over to this years because the prizes are fantastic!  I want the box with Dexter and the best Star Trek episodes!!!!  Oh, there’s also a box of books from Abaddon Books and this great Ray Bradbury book and okay, I’m greedy.  You simply must look for yourself.   Dollar a ticket. 🙂


0 thoughts on “Apex Halloween Raffles Rock!”

  1. I got my order today!

    The mug is freaking awesome! Love the colors and design, looks really sharp. And the original design on the white shirt looks soooo good. I also finally got the “here kitty kitty” tote. I’d been eyeing it for over a year. Let’s see if I’m brave enough to take it out in public. lol.

    Dang, I want more stuff! 🙂

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