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Not Brave–Just Open

LOL!  I’ve had several writers email me about my bravery in yesterday’s post.  

Sharing rough work is always a tricky thing to do.  It can possibly color a potential reader’s view of your work so they decide to never actually pay for your future work.  Or, if you’re lucky, they may see something they like and keep up with what you’re doing.

I do it because I like to share the process.  I like to show that even someone who has been writing for a while still flubs up the occasional scene.

I showed first draft and second and yes, there will be another draft after my CP gets her hands on it.  Even that tiny bit of a scene I shared will be tightened yet again. In fact, the fight in that scene gets more serious and the sentences get shorter, the pace faster. 

But, I’m not sure I’d categorize my sharing as brave.  Nah, I would never show all of my first draft.  Oh man, how humiliating.   I can only bring myself to show very small bits of scenes and even those scenes aren’t the major ones. 

To be honest, I have past published work I don’t even share. 😉



  1. September 11, 2007    

    I think it’s great to show before and after. A lot of people don’t have a clue how to tighten until they see it done. Brave, yes, but if new writers never see how to do it right, their writing will never improve. My heroine isn’t as kick-ass as yours and doesn’t get into too many knock down, drag out kind of fights, but even heavy action without physical fighting needs to have that same kind of punch and I love seeing how other people do it. It can only improve my writing. Carol

  2. September 11, 2007    

    Ditto Carol’s comment: thanks for sharing, R. You’re helping other writers to hone their craft, and that is part of the reason we’re here. Besides, aiding others to write better only gives us, voracious readers that we are, better books to read. 🙂

  3. Ken Ken
    September 11, 2007    

    I think it’s great that you showed the rough draft and then more finished product. I feel like I’m at a lecture hall and you are standing in front of us taking questions. Would you recommend any technique for picking up on old stuff that we did a while back and want to pick up on again?

    Yes, I would agree that you are honest, open, and brave. It takes guts to show your stuff to everyone online. Moreover, I love your picture!

  4. September 12, 2007    

    “I would never show all of my first draft. Oh man, how humiliating.”


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