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Common Courtesy Hangin’ with the Dinosaurs?


Look at all those nice people washing their hands.  It’s good to wash hands.  Years ago, really smart scientists discovered that it helped to stop the spread of germs. 


I’ll warn you.  This is a Seriously Snarky post because today, I went to Wally World.  Not my favorite place, but it was close and I had a lot of things on my list.  The thing about big shopping places is you come in contact with a lot of people. 

The sad thing is that the majority seem to lack basic common courtesy. 

Here are the things I noticed from one trip.  Just. One. 

1.  Stopped by book section to put Oklahoma Author stickers on Jill Monroe’s book Tall, Dark and Filthy Rich.  I also wanted to check out an author I haven’t read, JR Ward–my sister is nuts about her series.  I picked up what I hoped was the first book.  I’m reaching toward another when a lady shoves her cart in front of me then glares as if I was in her way. 

2. Short pit stop next and had another lady shove past me.  She was quite a bit older, so I guess she really had to go.  Or maybe she wanted first pick of the always clean WW stalls.  But… she left without washing her hands then touched several carts until she realized which one was hers!  (Man, think I’ll carry hand sanitizer again.) 

3. A teenager didn’t apologize for elbowing me in the back–didn’t even see him coming since he was running.

4. A woman was going through a rack of clothes and didn’t pick up any of the ones she let drop to the floor.

5. A woman on the phone stood in front of the lipstick section holding the brand I wanted.  She could clearly see I was waiting, but didn’t step to the side.  Yeah, I also spent part of my WW trip on the phone, but I was polite about it.  (Though I was amused by the few people who heard me discussing scenic detail of a fight scene with my cp, Rachel Vincent. Can’t help but wonder what they were thinking. <g>)

6. A family was looking for school supplies and knocked a couple of folders off the shelves.  They just left them on the floor.

7.  Why do men try and pick up women at these places?  Can’t they see by the incredible amount of groceries and other items in our carts that we’re there for a different reason????  Can’t they see by our expressions that we really just want out of that place?

8. There were five people ahead of me in line.  Every line was like this.  Tons of registers and only a few people running them.  I don’t understand why they have so many registers if they aren’t going to use them.

9. Another woman stood in front of me in line.  She had three noisy children.  No, this didn’t bother me.  What bothered me was she’d opened packages and was letting the kids dump food all over the floor.  I even bent down to pick up a half-crushed cookie to show her how easy it was to pick up after a kiddo.  Offered a smile.  She perused the floor, shrugged, then turned her back. 


I walked out of that place thoroughly annoyed.   On the drive home, I thought about how many recent conversations I’ve had with people over this very subject.  It’s not a generation thing either.  Two of those people were considerably older than me. I used to just brush this stuff off, but lately, I’ve encountered so many instances of unbelievable selfishness, my patience meter is at an all time low. 

Think I’ll work on a fight scene–use the mood. <BG>


  1. November 1, 2007    

    People really do suck sometimes.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  2. November 9, 2007    

    That is why I shop at Target. The people there are a bit higher class.

    A while back I made a comment about having a table for my laptop so I can ride my excercise bike and write. You said if I found one or made one you would be interested.

    Big Lots has one in their circular for $35. Staples has one for $59

  3. November 9, 2007    

    I love Target. I always spend too much when I go there. Plus, I love the super one here with this great guy who makes fresh, fantastic California rolls. 🙂

    I will certainly look that up! Thanks!

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