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Harold For Company


He looks like a Harold. Happy Harold on a hill of hay. I know, it’s grass. And flat. But I think Happy Harold loves alliteration.

Wondering where my head is today? heh heh Don’t think I could tell you exactly.

I have a surprise day off. Two, in fact. I planned to write like crazy today and have actually gotten a lot done. A lot of housework, too. So now I’m sitting here gazing at Harold. (Still working, but thought I’d pick a picture for the blog and write about it. )

I don’t know why I find this picture so appealing. I should have used it for the SFAP. It would probably spark creativity more than the mysterious pumpin nub. 😉

 I did critique my cp’s new synop this morning. I can’t, in fact, talk about it but I will say she’s done her job and done it very well. A mere synopsis sparked quite the emotional response from me. It even made me pick up the phone and all my friends will tell you that’s a miracle. She’s been discussing the writing of it on her blog if you’re interested. It’s here.

I’m rethinking my outline for book two. Thinking of putting more of one character into the plot. I’m also looking over outlines for another couple of books I want to write. So much writing I want to do and I’m ready to get more time of mine freed up for it.

Cause, all I needed to get back on track–was a little quiet time to myself this morning. Time to quiet the mind, flush out all the schedules, work, worries and doubts. Once that’s done, I have this blank canvas and I love nothing more than to fill it with images, scenes and words.

Okay, and maybe gaze at seriously weird pictures.


  1. October 23, 2007    

    Would you like to come over here and do a bit of housework?!

    Okay, so glad she did so well on her synopsis. I was just talking about synopses the other day with some people entering the Golden Heart, and suggesting they need to write it with the same passion and enthusiasm and emotion as they do their manuscript. I know they’re not the most fun thing to write, but it seems we talk so much about hating them, that it’s leaking into the synopsis.

  2. October 23, 2007    

    I should have done housework today. Don’t feel like it at all. Think the cold and rain has me feeling lazy.

    She did a good job with the synop. The place she’s taking the story is emotional, but also brave and excellent. She’ll have strong characters. 🙂

    You have a book coming out soon, eh?

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