“The will to keep trying is often the difference between success and failure”-Davie Sarnoff


Ever pick up a popular fiction book by a favorite author and become so impressed by their style and talent with words… that icky self doubt comes creeping in to call?  You start to look at your own work as kindergarten-like cave drawings in comparison? 

If so, which authors and why?  I’ll share two of mine.

Nora Roberts.  Because reading her sentences is like spreading warm chocolate icing on a cookie.  Her turns of phrase are so smooth, they melt in your mouth.  And the way she makes it seem effortless?  Bah.  I’d be jealous if I didn’t love her books so damned much.  I have so many of them, too, including the very first Silhouette–it’s signed, too.

Kim Harrison.  For the sheer, electric energy and character consistency.  For the magic and excitement and emotion.  She also made me bawl like a baby in her last book.  This is a good thing.  I’ve had a hard time escaping into fiction completely the last couple of years.  She never fails to suck me into Rachel Morgan’s world and for that, I owe her many thanks.

Now that my work is out there making the rounds, I’m mostly excited and hopeful.  But every now and then, I’ll get the urge to yank it back home and work on it some more. 

Stupid perfectionist tendencies

I will share a little tip. 

Don’t EVER go the agent submission route during the holidays.  What was I thinking? I only have three more possible business days to get the Christmas present I want most. <g>

EDIT:  Agent Update:

3 Agents with different parts of manuscripts–requested.

2 Queried (Yes, I sent out another.  Today, in fact.  What can I say?  Glutton for punishment. 😉  )