Sharing the Good and Bad as Promised


Still chugging my way uphill. 🙂

This part of the journey has been shared here to keep up spirits of other writers doing as I am.  The query process is difficult For everyone.   Rachel Vincent, my critique partner, said on her blog that I would either have the best sort of Christmas present or need lots of comfort food.  Uh, I’ve gained some weight if that tells you anything. <g>

Yes, there are times, when I find it difficult to keep up my own spirits, but I haven’t given up and I won’t. 

This has been a week for movement.  First of all, I sent out another two e-queries and had a request for a partial within hours on one.  I’m not sure, but it could have been an automated response, but it did have my title… This was to a lady I met at the conference and I’ve heard excellent things about this agency.  I hesitated at first because I worried my work might be a bit dark for their tastes, but I attended one of their workshops and was very impressed, so my fingers are crossed.  They’ve done wonderful things for a friend of mine.

I also received a rejection I found particularly difficult.  This was through a friend’s recommendation and they had seemed excited.  Oddly enough, this rejection was the kindest sort of no.  Full of positive words like talented and brilliant and other such wonderful adjectives… in fact, my poor heart picked up beat through the list of positive aspects, but it was still a no. 

DOTT is a different sort of concept, so I knew I might have trouble selling the idea going in.  I still believe the story is strong.  Just different.   I may write to them again and see if they’d be interested in rewrites.    Plus, I do have other manuscripts to offer. 😉

So, at this time, I have five agents who still have partials and I’ve had five say no. 

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting these updates. I’m sorry to hear about another rejection, but at least that’s balanced by more requests – that one from the agent you met at a conference sounds really positive. Wow! A request to see pages within hours of sending your query. That’s great!

    Keep on truckin’ – and don’t forget, you can never eat too much chocolate at a time like this… 😉

  2. I’m so sorry, Rinda. Tough time of the year to get rejected, huh?

    But you know what… I believe you will get that yes. It will be the right fit, right time, etc. I’m terribly excited for you. 🙂

  3. I’m okay Heather. It’s rough at first and then you pick yourself up and choose the next name on the list. My main worry is running out of agencies that accept urban fantasy. 😉

    Karen, I’m one of those weird people who is done after two chocolates. (does Almond Roca count??) However, put any sort of carb–mostly potatoes and pasta–in front of me and all self-control flies south. Literally. My poor butt…

  4. Rejection is hard. Rejection is bad. I am sending positive vibes you know, even though you seem better already, seeing how I go backwards in your blog. If you believe that the story is great and strong and you have people that support you and you have the will, then things will happen. After so many ‘and’s I am keeping my fingers crossed for your success.

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