I spent the morning in a place much like this one. 

In my mind.

I’m talking the walled-in solitude feel of the place–my actual fictional world was a Florida marsh.

Yep, I was sucked into the Writing Zone and when I came up for air, it was to answer a call from the hubby.  I was surprised he was asking how things were going when he’d just asked that in another phone call.  Then I looked at the clock.

I lost nearly four hours to writing.  Gone.  I’m still in my pajama pants—well, really his since they’re long and warm and all flannelly–I haven’t eaten.  My coffee is by my laptop, cold and forgotten… my hair is still curly and everywhere from the nightly battle with my pillow.   I’m sure my morning breath has grown to a nightmare inducing state since it’s now afternoon. 

But get this… I have a new first chapter!  It’s almost done and wow, it incorporates the info I needed to get across while managing to be way more active.   While I like the original with its atmospheric descriptions, I really feel it was the main culprit to the agent hesitations.  Now I’ve got atmosphere with ass kicking. 😉

4,571 words written while wrapped in the fog of my fictional world.


Wait… where are my children?