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A Little Promo… Okay, a Lot!

I have friends with books out and friends with books for preorder and friends with short stories out….

Man, I gotta lot of friends, eh?  Okay, the last one isn’t a friend–I’m just a big fan of hers.

So, let me share. 🙂

Rachel’s new one is Rogue.  It’s not out until April, but preorders at Amazon are great for her sales numbers, so if you can’t wait for Rogue, preorder and maybe, just maybe you’ll get it faster. (You can see I added a link to the right because as her CP, it’s my duty to help drive up those numbers, right? <g> BTW, her first book Strayis number two in Harlequin’s ebook sales for 2007!)

rogue.jpg  Pre-Order here!

Gena Showalter’s new book is already here!  You can actually get your copy now.   The cover alone is enough to snag my interest, but I’ve heard this is excellent.  I plan to pick up my copy this weekend.

 showalter.jpgOrder here!

Merline Lovelace has one out today in fact.  This lady has done so much for my local RWA chapter.  Check it out. (You can see a pic of Merline with me, Christine Rimmer and Darlene Graham in the flikr to the right. )

merline.jpg Oder here.

A good friend of mine, Carol Shenold recently released her ebook Privy to Murder–a funny, paranormal mystery from Eternal Press.  This month, she has a short paranormal out about fairies and shapeshifters.  The site won’t let me link directly, so you can find this under new releases. 🙂

fairydust400.jpg Order here.

I saw this on the Apex Blog and felt my heart pick up speed.  I’ve been so wrapped up in personal issues, I didn’t even know this was in the works!   Jennifer Pelland is one of my favorite short fiction writers.  Her stories are stark, raw and twisted in that really good “maybe I shouldn’t have read this story” kind of way.  I’d get a signed copy if I were you.  I have a feeling this woman has big things in her future.

pelland.jpg Preorder Here! 


  1. January 9, 2008    

    Thanks, sweetie, for the plug. I had so much fun writing it. You are so good. Just tell them to go to http://www.eternalpress.com.au Thanks again. Hope to see you Saturday.

  2. January 9, 2008    

    I will be adding those to my TBR pile, which seems to resemble a replica of the great Wall of China. Good thing 1/3 of it I have stored in digital files on my PCs, which allows people to walk into my house.

    Oh by the way I have a question or two for you, if you allow and I will be e-mailing you to find the answers I seek.

  3. January 10, 2008    

    Carol, I have that link in the Order Here part. I should have been more specific–EP won’t let me link directly to your book. ;(

    Harry, you know you’re a writer when your TBR pile gets so large. 😉

  4. January 13, 2008    

    Hah! I think that the To Be Written piles certainly must contribute at some point.
    It matter, when things get done!
    Have a creative Sunday!

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