Store Stuff and Rachel’s Post

It’s been a little while since I added new designs to the Snark. Can you tell I was in a mood when I made this new one?


It’s called Risky and Stupid.

I also moved this design into its own section. 


Called I Sleep With the Good Ones.

And I moved this one to a better position in the Dark Snark section. 


Called It Was Getting Bloody!

I wore this last one into the hospital the day of my surgery.  No one seemed to get it. Have I mentioned lately how much I love writers and the way we GET each other? 😉

Also, if you have time, my critique partner, Rachel Vincent, did a post on self-doubt and how different writers handle it.  She asked me ahead of time if she could be honest on my end of things and I said go for it. 

But man, did she nail us.  Link is here.

I really feel this kind of honesty among writers is necessary.  It helps us feel a little more normal and we can be an obsessive bunch, eh?

0 thoughts on “Store Stuff and Rachel’s Post”

  1. I’m so glad. It makes me happy, too, and I’ve been neglecting it. Haven’t sent out a newsletter in ages. Of course, I just worked up my expenses verses earnings on that place and realized I’ll have to explain all over again that it’s a place for fun, not profit. To the hubby and the accountant.

    You’re so sweet to put up the links. And that wookie thing cracks me up!

  2. I actually plan to get a shirt if I manage to get a story out in print and get som wee of cash, but can you tell whether you ahev some big XXL sizes, which are as free as the sails on a yacht. I want space you know.

    Oh and I love the green one (well green letters but still). My fave color. Can we eventually ask for one time commissions?

  3. love the designs! also love that I won’t feel quite so awful (now that I’ve read rachel’s post) when I have self-doubt binges, which happen usually whenever I see all the mistakes I’ve made in a draft. Sometimes it gets to where I feel like I should just go get a salaried job–it would be so easy! (not nearly as fulfilling, though) When I get into those moods, I call my sister (also my CP), who talks me out of it. It’s nice to hear that other writers understand what I’m going through 🙂

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