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No One Heard Her Scream by Jordan Dane

A friend and fellow OKRWA member’s debut novel is due out tomorrow!!!!!!!   There is a ton of buzz about this book and she has back to back releases for books two and three, so I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.  Check out everything about Jordan Dane HERE.  Doesn’t this sound incredible?


No One Heard Her Scream by Jordan Dane.  Order HERE.

A relentless detective with the San Antonio Police Department is barred from an investigation into the disappearance and murder of her younger sister and forced to take another assignment. Skeletal remains buried in the wall of an old theatre destroyed by arson make an intriguing new case. But when the bones turn out to be of a woman, close in age to her sister, the hunt for a killer gets personal—a vendetta for justice.

A seductive enforcer to the mob, with secrets of his own, stands between the detective and a powerful man she believes is linked to the murder. Will the reluctant henchman become an ally or betray her to his treacherous ‘benefactor’? Drawn into the sinister world of human trafficking, the modern-day slave trade, the detective unravels a grim trail of destroyed lives—leaving her little hope for vindication in the death of her sister and a nameless young woman buried alive.


  1. March 25, 2008    

    Yay! I used to read Tami Hoag when I was preggers with my oldest. I love romantic suspense. (Just not sure if I could ever write it.)

  2. March 25, 2008    

    I do too. I wrote a couple before switching to UF and I kind of hope to go back to them and polish into good books. Jordan really gets into the whole police procedural world so I expect these books are fantastic. I can’t wait to get a copy myself.

    It’s my reward for finishing the proposal. That and Kim Harrison’s new one. My sister got it for me for my birthday today.

  3. March 25, 2008    

    Hey Rinda—This is so great of you to post such a HUGE mention for my book. What a way to start this amazing day for me!!

    And I see great things ahead for you, girl. You’re a talented author. And now, with great representation, you’ll be able to take that next step that you’ve been waiting for.

    If you need anything, please call on me. And thanks again.

  4. March 25, 2008    

    It’s your day, Jordan! I’ll never forget Sharon Sala’s frantic phone call to me on a Monday morning. “Do you have her number at work? I need it right now! I read this book and it’s so good!”

    And now the day is here. Wonderful!

  5. March 26, 2008    

    Oh even though this isn’t my kind of a read, I do enjoy a mysterious detective criminal story and that seems to be fabulously handled. the title gives me shivers.

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