I Want to Be a Goddess

Check this out.  Found this here.   Once I figure out how to buy one, it’s going up in my office.  I love what it’s supposed to represent.  My hubby said it scared him. There is something interesting about this strong goddess figure bringing that reaction, yes? 😉

Lynn Dewart


Rinda The Scandenavian Goddess

She represents Winter’s struggle to retain control over approaching Spring, just as humans sometime resist positive change because the process is uncomfortable. In folklore, Rinda eventually succumbs to Odin’s (the Chief Nordic God) advances warming and fertilizing her, bringing Spring. She teaches us to accept personal transformations gracefully.

 This snippet was copied as is–spelling on Scandinavian above is not mine. 😉

Edit:  I found Lynn Dewart’s personal art site.  Yay!  You can explore her wonderful, creative world here.

0 thoughts on “I Want to Be a Goddess”

  1. Do you have one of Kim’s burning bunny pins? You could save this photo and have something like that made. Or print and frame the photo for now.

    I still want a Mac, but I can’t afford it.

  2. I actually contacted the author directly and am mulling over how to get the original for myself. I think she would be the perfect muse for my office.

    Burning bunny pin? I’m off to find that one.

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