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New Book to Check Out!

Jenna Black has a book out today!  Hungers of the Heart (Link takes you to B&N)

I’m new to her work and I believe this is a part of a series.  I’ve also heard WONDERFUL things about her writing, so I plan to start from the beginning and buy up to this one now. <g>

Gotta do my part to spread the word for fellow agency mates.  (Jenna is also a client of Miriam Kriss!)

Here’s the blurb.

Drake is a Killer  vampire.

Unlike the Guardians of the Night, Drake feeds on human blood, choosing victims who deserve to die.  But still he works with the Guardians to protect those humans who yet have some good in them. 

When Gabriel, the leader of the Baltimore Guardians, mysteriously disappears, Drake finds himself in charge of a small band of inexperienced fledgling vampires.  When a delegation of European Killers arrives in Baltimore  looking for Gabriel, Drake must call on all the savagery of his sordid past to keep the Guardians in line—and to protect them from the ruthless Killers.

Forced to confront a past he has tried so hard to outrun, Drake risks losing his humanity. His only hope is Faith, the French Seigneur’s concubine, who desperately needs his help to rescue her human sister from the Seigneur’s clutches.  Then someone begins killing the members of the European vampire delegation, and Drake is the only suspect. Will Drake be saved by love, or will he become a Killer without a conscience?



  1. April 29, 2008    

    Sounds good. And I love the cover! Oh, are you bringing wine to the conference? Hint…hint. lol.

  2. April 30, 2008    

    Hmm. And I thought Baltimore only had Orioles.

    Not much into the vampire scene (at least not on purpose), but I’ve been meaning to read more fiction of this type. I should give it a whirl and a twirl and a dangle.

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