Some Weeks You’re Just… Off

Yeah, I look quite a bit like this today.

I screwed up.  I have a writer’s conference in two weeks and I’ve been trying to get back into shape for that as well as some author photos I need done.

Gradual is just not in my makeup.  Nope.  I must jump full force into everything I do. 

Works with writing. 

Not so much with heavy exercise after surgery. 

I’ve babied my middle–I know, I’m supposed to— but it looks like someone else’s middle and it’s driving me crazy. It’s been twelve weeks and I’ve breezed through this whole experience for the most part.  I haven’t felt twinges of pain in a couple of weeks.  I’ve been walking on my treadmill and doing some free weights for my arms.  I thought I was ready.

What do I do?  Strap heavy ankle weights on my body and do leg lifts, crunches and a sweaty, loooooong hike on the treadmill.  The same day. 

Last night was hell on earth.

I get to spend today recovering.  Luckily, I took the day off to write.  I plan to knock out an entire chapter.  Looks like I’ll be able to sit still without a problem since moving is torture. 

I’d soak in the tub but um… well, I don’t want to make another situation worse.  In fact, I made a joke about my other “Loreal” disaster this week.  This graphic is not pretty on purpose.  Neither is my tan.  

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  1. So sorry about your belly. 🙁 Please take it easy.

    I’m taking reshaping my belly after childbirth gradually. (It’s been 5 1/2 years. Don’t want to rush things….)

    And I’ve also done the tanning mishap, only I did it in high school and thought I looked fabulous. (I also had nightmare bangs and thought those were awesome, too.)

  2. I’m usually good with the tanning stuff, but I’m already olive skinned so some brands don’t mesh. That yellow to my skin chases away good browns. 😉

    I don’t care how careful a person is with this stuff, tho. It always finds places to smudge or just look dirty. My feet are so colorful, they’re entertaining.

    Rinda, the easily amused…

  3. I’m sure it will fade before OWFI. 🙂 Can’t wait to hang out with you. Bear has guard that weekend.

    BTW, how’s Saber? Last I heard he wasn’t feeling well.

    Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

  4. He recovered–had an infected fight wound and spent days in the vet’s.

    We’re gonna have so much fun at OWFI. Oh yeah, my orange glow will fade by then. LOL

  5. Okay. Now I feel bad.

    Listen. You will look beautiful. It’s not your belly, or your arms, or your tan, or your streaks. It’s who you are–and I can tell you confidently: that translates to the lens.

    ‘Sides. I’m just damn good at it.

    You told me long ago that you do not look good in pictures. ::snort::

    I love people like you–more precisely, making them liars.

  6. LOL, you have no reason to feel bad. This post is supposed to be funny.

    However, I am trying to skinny down for photos for my own twisted reasons. Mainly the weird bicycle-tire demon who settled around my helpless recovering tummy. (wg)

    My sister, the workout queen, is going to share some tips. She’s thinking of becoming a trainer. She also told me I did the exercises all wrong and probably should have waited a couple more months to do such intense stuff in that area. Actually, her words were a bit more forceful–unusual for the baby sister who probably loves me more than anyone in this world.

    You know me. I was feeling so great, I just jumped full force into the whole workout. 😉

  7. You know, Taylor’s prosthetic eye angel told her that when your body has an injury, it rushes extra fluid to that spot to help it recover. We are mostly water, ya know. <>

    But honestly, it took Tay’s eye (lid, surrounding tissue) all of six months to shed that puffy fluid and to get it near a normal shape. And that was after the wounds had basically healed.

    So be easy on yourself–for just a while. The only thing that will get rid of that tire demon is time.

    BTW, I know what you are talking about (the looking at a body part and wondering whom that belongs to).

    When I try on clothes and catch sight of my ass in one of those three-way mirrors, I spin around shouting, “Hey! Who’s back there! Come out, dammit!”


  8. Yeah, my sugeon told me that at six months, I’ll only be ninety percent healed. It was exactly three months today,

    Damn impatience. 😉

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