Day After Conference

I promised more pics from the conference, but don’t have my grubby paws on them yet, so here ya go.  Day after. 😉

Someone inevitably has a party on my return day after OWFI.  I’m usually exhausted and grumpy that I can’t curl up in my sweats at home to take advantage of the creative burst conferences offer. 

But, I kind of like these two pics my daughter took of me that day.  Wait, the second one is from her boyfriend.   My daughter had a fantastic digital.  It’s a Sony Cybershot with zoom and all kinds of cool gadgets. 

I bet my friend Kathy could edit out the food… <g>

0 thoughts on “Day After Conference”

  1. (1) Hmm. You look kinda hot in these two photos. Perhaps your daughter and her boyfriend should take all your pictures? (ducks)

    (2) Good luck to your dad, and his novel. WWII stories are some of my favorites.

  2. X, that’s what my daughter said! She has a bunch of good photos she’s taken. I should take them from her computer. 😉

    I really should take down the other photos from the conference…

  3. Good idea. Think I’ll try to slide a dagger or something in there…

    Michele, the top one reminded me of one of your pics. I don’t have chubby cheeks unless I’m grinning. 😉

  4. Yes! It does look like one of mine! You and your daughter should goof around and do pics one day. I bet you get some fantastic shots!

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