I have a few more to share and then we’re done.  This page is going to be hard to load as it is.

Kathleen took these with her cell and sent them on.  Like this one of my dad and myself much better. <g>

Writing news:  I’m cramming on the day job.  It’s the last week of school for my kiddos and I have my son’s fifth grade graduation tomorrow.  He’s my last in elementary and it feels kind of strange and happy all at once.  Yeah, writer me on hiatus….  I could explain that better but any mom or dad reading this is going to understand.  I’m ready to get out of the heavy parent/elementary load–or guilt in my case LOL– and yet, I’m not ready for my baby to be in middle school.  Not entirely.  This one, my little unmotivated genius, is probably going to be even more work in middle school.


Had a fantastic idea for BOAA and while I’m still struggling with whether to finish it while waiting to hear if it sells with Dweller, I don’t think I can stop the story.  Beri wants this told and now.  She’s such a bitch sometimes.  Lots of stuff coming up for Memorial Weekend and I’m going to put my foot down and take a day to add this scene into the mix.  It’s a hot one!