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Voices of Duty and Promised Pain

I’ve been working a lot.  With the job I’m doing for pay, I tend to go over and over things because I’m a perfectionist.  Sad, but true. 

Working on that. 😉

But because of this, I’ve been spending most of my down time trying to catch up on life.  I have two busy kids, a hubby who needs my attention, a big house that needs a spring cleaning…  So, Rinda has stayed overworked for a few weeks.

I have today and tomorrow off. 

Weird thing is, I’m quivering with giddiness over all the things I can do with my days.  Catch up the cleaning?  Yeah, have to do some of that.  Run errands.  Of course!  What mom doesn’t have to shove these into her days off????  (I will make a sushi run for lunch, tho–yum.)   Cook nice dinners.  I’m a weird writer–I love to cook.  New recipe tonight! 

Catch up my critiquing for Rachel?  Yeah, looking forward to having stretched time for that. 

Write???  Oh yes. 

But it’s been so long since I’ve had a free day, all these things are hovering about my head in this cloudy conglomeration of overwhelming, crying voices. 

“Do me first!”

“No, me!”

My muse is sitting on my shoulder, filing her nails (Cause I don’t file mine and she likes to make me feel guilty.) and lifting one tweezed eyebrow (Cause I don’t do that either.  Ouch.) and waiting on her pedicure appointment (Get the drift yet?) and telling me to catch all those voices, stuff em in a box and just take the days for what I want to do.  (She also promises pain if I don’t.)

Dive into BOAA. 

So, between my muse and my main character, Beri, I may get a wicked ass kicking if I don’t give in and make them all happy. (And me, too. )  🙂

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