0 thoughts on “Friday Fun Late”

  1. I’m am Wonder Woman!
    “You are a beautiful princess with great strength of character”
    Finally, the world now has proof I am a princess.

  2. Of course you are! I kind of wanted to be Catwoman, but nah, I get to be green. And a man.

    I knew there was something to me hating to put the toilet paper on the roller thingie.

  3. LOL, a 100% !! Day-um. Is that bad?

    I’m only the next one like…way lower.


    Green Lantern 100%
    Catwoman 70%
    Iron Man 70%
    Spider-Man 65%
    Hulk 65%
    Batman 60%
    Superman 55%
    Wonder Woman 50%
    Supergirl 40%
    The Flash 40%
    Robin 35%

  4. No, Green Lantern is very cool. He can do anything he wants except affect things in yellow. He can fly, go into outer space. He is a pilot and a trucker. That’s very cool in my book. I was rated Hulk 1st and Green Lantern 2nd.

  5. Oh, I like. I like being able to do anything I want. If I have my ring… and I love rings. (My son said he would be like every other guy in the world without his ring–except for the green tights.) LOL

    Hulk, eh? Pick a couple of angry choices, Ken? 😉

    Kathy, ROFLMAO–I’m strong willed and hot headed, but I do believe you might beat me out in that one.

    This test is too fun.

  6. I am Lynda Carter!

    Wonder Woman 63%
    Supergirl 58%
    Catwoman 55%
    Spider-Man 55%
    Robin 50%
    Green Lantern 50%
    The Flash 50%
    Hulk 50%
    Superman 50%
    Iron Man 50%
    Batman 30%

  7. Okay, thanks, Ken. There you have it. I L O V E my rings–seriously–and green *is* my favorite color. Also, my birthstone. Maybe it is appropriate (Rinda’s stubborn comment aside, LOL).

    I hear they have commissioned a script for a Green Lantern movie. My son-in-law keeps me up on all thinks comic book. He is a HUGE comic book geek–excuse me. He says they prefer dork.

    Excited about the Dark Knight coming out soon, though it will be creepy to watch Heath. LOVE Christian Bale. Sad about Leger.


  8. Gosh, I wish I could be Green Lantern but alas, I am only Superman (with a Spiderman a close second). Guess I’m too much of a geek and a loner to be really cool.

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