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So Excited I’m UNDONE!

I couldn’t be more excited for my friend, Brooke Taylor!  Her debut novel is out TODAY!

Undone by Brooke Taylor

When Kori Kitlzer, the “dark angel” of the 8th grade, tells Serena Moore that they are more alike than she thinks, Serena is instantly intrigued.  As their friendship solidifies and their lives entwine, Serena tries to become more like the fearless, outspoken, and ambitious Kori. Soon Serena doesn’t know where she begins and Kori ends. But when a twist of fate yanks Kori away from Serena, she will need to find a way to complete her best friend’s life left undone. 

Undone is a striking debut novel about friendship, family, and the secrets we keep from the people to whom we are closest.


If you have time, check out her website–click on her name at the top.  It’s wonderful. 🙂


  1. July 23, 2008    

    Thanks Rinda! It was a lovely release day, even if I never got a chance to actually go to the book store and visit it! My brother did, though, he took pictures and everything. Hopefully today I’ll get there!!

    I did have birthday cake, though! ~Brooke

  2. July 23, 2008    

    Brooke, congratulations. That’s going to be a kick when you finally make it to a bookstore and see your own words there.

    Rinda, this is a really cool look. We’re going to be celebrating your next release date soon, I hope.

  3. July 24, 2008    

    Congratulations, Brooke! Sounds like a wonderful book. And the cover is beautiful. May you have many sales!


  4. July 24, 2008    

    Me too, X. Dell, me too. 🙂

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