I was tagged by Jen Nipps a little while back and I well, forgot about it.  So… to make up for it, I’ll try and be particularly weird. Or bore you all to mouse clicks.  😉

Let’s see, it was

List Six Unspectacular Personal Quirks. 

1. Today, my kids and I had to run errands so we had a day out.  My teenager has a mass ( I mean MASS) storage IPOD and feels the need to play “half or so” of every song on it for me.  I got so fed up that when she played Down With the Sickness by Disturbed, I made her start it over and over while I got the wha.a.a.a.  sound down.  (I will never get it down, btw.  It either takes practice or heavy drugs.  And it hurts my throat and the kiddos always end up begging me to stop anyway–since, uh, I like this CD, and practice in my kitchen…  That song makes me tear up anyway.  It’s sad.)

2. I also watch this show with my kids. icarly.com

(I removed the picture here for stat purposes. But the endless searches for icarly goodies go on. Don’t blame the kids-it’s a fun show.)

And…  I like it.  What?  So?  Can’t help it.  It can be pretty funny. (I try to memorize lines to use on my sister later.  Like today.  Sam blurts out, “Oh yeah?  You know what I got?” and Freddy responds with “Pimples on your butt?”  So good.)

3, I tell my daughter weird, random things just to get a reaction out of her.  She has the best laugh.  Today it was, “Do you smell pizza?  No. Wait.  It’s just my knee.”

4. Rock the Cradle of Love makes me get up and dance.  And unfortunately, sing.  Okay, yeah confessing that I had TEH LOVE for Billy Idol back in…  who am I kidding with the Back then?  He’s just so deliciously naughty! You can just tell he’d be so creatively fun in.. well, I don’t have to confess all my thoughts, right?  I have songs of his I like more (Pumping On Steel, yeah baby!), but the cradle song is like the hubby’s anthem… he IS eight years older than me. <wg>

5. I love to grow tomatoes in pots.  I look forward to pulling them right off the vine for salads, BLTs or just on a damn plate.  Nothing store bought ever tastes so good.  This year, some YAHOO mislabeled my tomato plants yet I’m determined to keep them going.  They’re cherry.  Do you KNOW how ridiculous it is to have two cherry tomato plants???  One at a time, people.  They ripen one at a time.  And these are pathetic.  My hubby has renamed them cherry peas.  

6.I used to do a graceful back bend from a standing position.  I still can.  After wine.  A lot of it.  I’m usually a little angry with myself the next day, though.

Oh and just because I wanna hear the song now, here some Pumping On Steel..


And whoa, check him out in this one!