At Seventeen…

We were watching House tonight.  Daughter mentions one of her friends said if she went for an old guy, it would be Dr. House.  I don’t think of him as an old guy, but then consider the age difference here. 

So, I thought back to what my answer would have been at her age.  When I was seventeen, if I’d gone for someone older it would have been…hmm…  any of these three.  

Me 17.  Andy Summers would have been 46, Sting 36 and Stewart Copeland 36. <g>


Me 17. Mikhail Baryshnikov 40.

Okay, and probably this guy. 

 Me 17.  Rutger Hauer 44.

Come on, ladies.  After Ladyhawke?  The soundtrack to that movie sucked sewage, but the love story sent my 15 year-old heart into overdrive. 😉

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  1. LOL. At 17, I would’ve been thinking, “EW! An older guy? Hell naw.” I don’t remember who I was crushin’ on at that time, but guaranteed it wasn’t someone decades older than me.

    HOWEVER, I like the choice of Baryshnikov. I was watching a reality show about students going to Julliard and some of the ones that had graduated got a chance to dance at the opening of one of his centers. He’s definitely a lot older now, but he reminded me of a little shy, short professor. LOL. I think he would’ve been amazing to see live.

  2. I didn’t major crush on these men, just would have picked them in a conversation of who you would go for if…

    But I always liked older. At seventeen, I was already with someone nearly eight years older. Still with him today. 😉

  3. Mine was Michael Keaton in Batman. And Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. And Michael Douglas in War of the Roses. And Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.

  4. Sara, when I was pretty young, my mom and I watched a vampire movie with a blonde vampire. I wish I could remember the movie. It might have been a made for TV, but my mother swears he was the best one.

    Heather, Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman. 😉

  5. When I was a teen-ager, in the dark ages, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, would have been considered older men to my generation, loved Gregory Peck. People like Sean Connery, Redford, Newman, are my contemporaries. Kind of sad, especially when I like the young guys like Quaid, and Depp.Carol

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